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JFACCJoint Force Air Component Commander
JFACCJoint Force Air Component Command
JFACCJoint Forces Air Control Center
JFACCJoint Force Air Component Commander's Course
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If the joint force air component commander (JFACC) is responsible for interdiction theaterwide, and the joint force land component commander is responsible in his or her area, which includes the FSCL, then who really is responsible for operations beyond this line?
In this operation, the majority of the key commanders and staff, except the joint force air component commander and joint special operations task force, were collocated aboard the USS Mount Whitney, which contributed greatly to unity of command and unity of effort.
The reason to keep Air Force air assets from being treated as maneuver forces is tied to the fact that the Air Force is a proponent of a theater-wide joint force air component commander (JFACC).
to provide liaison to the joint force air component commander ...
If a JFC decides to use functional commanders, the COMAFFOR with his or her command and control capability should be prepared to assume responsibilities as the combined/ joint force air component commander. Finally, a JFC could decide to plan, direct, and control joint air operations with the assistance of the JFC staff only.
The joint force air component commander emphasizes efficiency, flexibility, and the paramount effects desired by the JFC.
A joint force air component commander had nominal responsibility as part of the real-world live fire portion.
The rapid increase in demand for long-duration intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance assets, coupled with the Air Force's inability to meet that demand, has caused the Army to initiate procurement of its own extended-range, multipurpose, armed, "organic" unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) that will operate independently from the joint force air component commander's centralized control or tasking authority.
(5.) For details on the ACCE construct, see Air Force Doctrine Center Handbook 10-1, The Air and Space Commander's Handbook for the, joint Force Air Component Commander. 27 June 2005.
The joint force air component commander led the effort to refine and execute an air campaign plan that devastated the Iraqis in ways not directly connected to land warfare.
Giving OPCON of UAVs exclusively to the joint force air component commander will ensure command of Air Forces by an airman.
The MAGTF commander will make sorties available to the joint force commander, for tasking through the joint force air component commander, for air defense, long-range interdiction, and long-range reconnaissance.
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