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JFSCCJoint Force Space Component Commander (US DoD)
JFSCCJoint Force Support Component Commander (US DoD)
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joint force space component commander under Strategic Command.
On 1 December 2017, USSTRATCOM strengthened this structure with the establishment of the joint force space component commander. This new four-star level component command elevates the C2 of joint space forces to create parity with other component commanders found in GCCs for air, land, and sea.
JP 3-14 needs to make it clear who is responsible for space forces in-theater--for example, JFC, JFACC, CINCSPACE, or a separate joint force space component commander (JFSCC)--to reduce confusion and provide unity of effort in-theater.
Failing to do so runs the risk of repeating the mistakes made in the early years of airpower--specifically, forces spent inefficiently in "penny packets." A joint force space component commander (JFSCC) should fill this role.
A single joint force space component commander (JFSCC) could also serve as global space coordinating authority (GSCA) for USSTRATCOM, the global combatant commander.
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