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I know, because I've been guilty of using it too casually (though that doesn't mean I wouldn't have been only joking the next time I use it, OK?
Joking about the Sanlu group and both Chinese central and local governments became an effective release.
Forklift was remanded to the lower courts, a judge ruled that, while the company owner's vulgar joking did not constitute sexual harassment before Harris told him she found it offensive, the plaintiff was entitled to a damage award of $130,000 on the basis of single crude remark her boss made about a month after she asked him to stop.
The primary function of this kind of humor is to build morale for groups who are enduring a severe hardship by joking about their predicament.
Joking behavior and work-group humor, however, are present virtually everywhere that people congregate to earn a living--in the deepest coal mine in West Virginia, at a sunny beach resort in California, on a sanitation truck in Philadelphia, and in the high-tech offices in every major city in the United States.
The President joking about rape 'does not help' the current security situation, she added.