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JOTSJokers of the Scene (Toronto DJ's)
JOTSJohnny On the Spot
JOTSJoint Operational Tactical System (US Fleet Intelligence Exchange System; nicknamed the 'Jerry O. Tuttle System' after its proponent, RADM-retired Jerry O. Tuttle)
JOTSJennie-O Turkey Store
JOTSJournal of Technology Studies (biyearly publication)
JOTSJob Oriented Training Standard
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If you jot down all we say and then publish it, will it still be your book?
And if you see anything curious in that room," called Irais from her bedroom door, "mind you jot it down.
We stirred him up occasionally, but he only unclosed an eye and slowly closed it again, abating no jot of his stately piety of demeanor or his tremendous seriousness.
Not abating one jot of his noisy mirth for these remonstrances, Hugh reeled along between them, having an arm of each, until they hove in sight of The Boot, and were within a field or two of that convenient tavern.
If ye return having failed in one jot of my command, ye die, every one of you--ye die, and slowly.
If they had uncles enough to fill ALL Cheapside," cried Bingley, "it would not make them one jot less agreeable.
With the detailer visit happening earlier in the week, many of the JOTS attendees were able to spend time both talking with professional career planners as well as getting personal perspectives from more senior officers who had experienced different types of duty.