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JOVIALJules Own Version of the International Algorithmic Language
JOVIALJule's Own Version of the International Algebraic Language
JOVIALJunior Officer's Version of an Incomprehensible Arithmetic Lanquage
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No one ever regretted the admittance of Sam Weller, for a more devoted, well-behaved, and jovial member no club could have.
You would not have blamed Robin Hood for wanting to laugh, had you heard this serious two-faced talk and then seen this jovial one-faced man.
"Yes, monsieur; jovial, as all people are who carry nothing on their minds, or, for that matter, in their heads.
How pleasant it would be to meet his jovial face again, to clasp his strong hand, and to hear his cheery laugh once more!
They pronounced the captain the finest fellow in the world, and his men all bons gar‡ons, jovial lads, and swore they would pass the day with them.
Then he went on to talk about Neptune, where seafaring men get a jovial reception, and Mars, where the military get the best of the sidewalk to such an extent that folks can hardly stand it.
He was a man of over six feet high, and broad, with enormous hands and a great red beard; he talked loudly in a jovial manner; but his aggressive cheerfulness struck terror in Philip's heart.
The battalion commander perceived the jovial irony and laughed.
But as the fly in his ointment of jovial irresponsibility was his wife, Lenerengo--the prize shrew of Somo, who was as lean about the middle and all the rest of her as her husband was rotund; who was as remarkably sharp-spoken as he was soft-spoken; who was as ceaselessly energetic as he was unceasingly idle; and who had been born with a taste for the world as sour in her mouth as it was sweet in his.
His father was quite otherwise; of a sunny, jovial disposition, but with a quick temper like a sudden flame kindled in a wisp of straw, which consumes it in a flash and is no more.
What about a jovial mood do you find most offensive?