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JJapan (soccer league)
JJet (aircraft type)
JJulia (song)
JJoint (slang for marijuana)
JJoint (bank account)
JBusiness Class
JImpulse (physics)
JJoule (unit of energy)
JJabber (Cisco)
JPostage Due (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
JWestern Quebec (postal code designation, Canada)
JOut of City (Alabama Public Safety Radio Code)
JImaginary unit
JAngular Momentum Quantum Number (used in formulae in quantum physics)
JFederal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Missouri (designates original point of circulation of a dollar bill)
JJaeger Notation (ophthalmology; size of type used in testing vision)
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They frequently make these jumpers to convey their game home, and you say he had been absent many days.
99 F3F& F embroidered bishop sleeve jumper, PS30, Tesco 4V by Very pearl trim balloon sleeve jumper, PS35, Very.
The pharmacy is critical to the production of clinical grade jack jumper venom which is then used to provide desensitisation treatment to patients with life-threatening allergies to jack jumpers.
Each year people are encouraged to wear a Christmas jumper on a specific Friday in December to 'make the world better with a sweater' and to raise money for the for the children's charity at Christmas.
From PS9-PS10 depending on size, from Asda REINDEER JUMPER MADE from a super-soft, stretchy fabric, this jumper features a large reindeer with a red nose which flashes when pushed.
Candy cane crew neck Christmas jumper for men, Marks and Spencer, PS25.
The Monterio Jumper Cable's proprietary features provide it with significantly enhanced functionality when compared to conventional jumper cables.
You probably keep jumper cables in your vehicle so you can solicit a jump if your battery dies or offer a jump to a fellow driver.