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When a court is faced with a claim of justification, then, it is
Police never produced any legal justification for his illegal house arrest and they never explained that under which act or section of the law Gilani was being imprisoned in his house.
Moscow, SANA- Russian President's special representative to the Middle East and North Africa, Deputy Foreign Minister, Michael Bogdanov, stressed that the US justifications to keep its forces in Syria are "unacceptable and rejected", particularly after eradicating Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organization.
New York [USA], Sept 21 ( ANI ): India's External Affairs Minister (EAM) Sushma Swaraj on Wednesday said that there can't be a justification for any act of terrorism.
Scholars of business report on recent research and current thinking on the analysis of justification, evaluation, and critique in organizations as inspired by the foundational ideas of French Pragmatist Sociology's economics of worth framework.
Justification Truths has always been interested in improving upon the simple everyday things that affect our daily lives.
But even while we reject Socrates' explanation of the justification of belief, the need for justification remains.
There is no corresponding justification for work left off the list.
Offerors Will Provide An Itemized Cost Estimate And Justification Individually For Both The Television And Radio Schedule.
The first is that (propositional) justification supervenes upon one's evidence.
The son of Montjeu hails from a top-class family as a high-brother to Opera House and Ascot Gold Cup winner Kayf Tara, his relationship to the latter offering particular hope of Justification staying this twomile-two-furlong trip.
Both Countrywide Flame and Justification would appreciate any rain that falls, but both still appear the horses who could be a long way ahead of their handicap marks and the call just has to be Justification at around the 5-1 mark.
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