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JUTSJamaica Union of Tertiary Students
JUTSJava Urban Traffic Simulator
JUTSJoint Utility Training School (est. 1976; Beresford, SD)
JUTSJadwal Ujian Tengah Semester (Indonesian: Middle Semester Exam Schedule; academics)
JUTSJamaica Unit Trust Services Ltd.
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Gulf: Broadly curved coastline where the ocean juts into the land.
The form of a sheet hanging from a branch plays off that of a log suspended from another branch that juts out at the viewer, which in turn echoes the flashlight the boy holds.
The suspects are shockingly everywhere including the spouse, but who could have done a state style execution seems juts outside Beau's grasp.
The porch of the Cross Keys juts into Wales so a special rate of pounds 1 a year was paid to Montgomeryshire.
But Ivano Stephanelli, whose BMW X5 juts out into the street when it's parked in front of his Rome pizzeria, maintains that his vehicle is "a family kind of car, not an ostentatious kind of car," ideal, for transporting children and hauling around restaurant supplies.
Although not the highest peak in Ireland, it is so massive that it nearly cuts the peninsula in half and juts into the clouds at just over 3,100 feet.