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JXTAJuxtapose (Sun Microsystems)
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The acquisition of InfraSearch will help accelerate and foster Project Juxtapose into a meaningful community effort.
There is nothing superficial about her use of these idioms, nor does she juxtapose them ironically.
Copyright Protection," "Managing Your Band's Online Business," "Learning From The Pros: The Producer's Clinic" and "Unsigned Artists: How To Make It Happen" will juxtapose guidance from the experts with new technologies available to artists: "Learning From The Pros: Technology On Tour," "Transcending MIDI To Living Music" and "Software Tools Mastermind.
Juxtapose, which features a fashion-forward national brand assortment for Juniors, and the Anchor Blue Clothing Company.
Bahrani's camera often lingers on Razvi's haunted eyes and frequently juxtaposes the man against the Manhattan skyline, crushed against the weight of the city and the absurdity of existence.
Don't miss the bizarre French New Wave-lampooning "Avant-Garde Trailer," which juxtaposes phrases like "C'est Audacieux" and "Des Temptations" over black-and-white clips.
A surrealisto-pop installation by Guyton/Walker juxtaposes a profusion of ornamented paint cans with variations of Ketel One posters featuring Swiss Army knives, the duo freely acknowledging Fischli & Weiss and, somewhat more remotely, Andy Warhol.