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JXTAJuxtapose (Sun Microsystems)
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Other times, Waldstreicher juxtaposes public alongside private statements made by Franklin, which expose Franklin's ambivalences concerning the anti-slavery movement.
Sun plans to make InfraSearch a part of Project Juxtapose after the transaction has closed.
Some of his work shows the lack of objectivity in history by creating images that juxtapose blacks with medieval times.
The rich vein of footnotes offers a goldmine of bibliographical information but some incautious citations juxtapose positivist philology or historicist interpretation with poststructuralist speculation as though there were substantial agreement among them.
While one wonders why she doesn't juxtapose them with examples from the former Soviet Union and China to enforce her assertion, Portal makes other, often surprising connections between Communist (and fascist) art and art intended to convey the ideals of democracy and freedom.
This is all about the power to re-career and change: chapters juxtapose myths and realities.
The opening pages of her text juxtapose the extreme right, revisionist views of this state legislator with the pride of a new American who has arrived at the Simon Wiesenthal Center to bear witness to her European roots.