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KAMEKonrad Adenauer Medal of Excellence (Philippines)
KAMEKeokuk Area Medical Equipment and Supply (Keokuk, IA)
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Os Kame estao relacionados ao sol, a persistencia, a permanencia, a dureza e aos lugares baixos e a objetos longos.
Bataoil (left frame, fourth from right) and Provincial Employment and Services Officer Alex Ferrer grace Friday's reopening of the Kame Hachi Corporation online English tutorial school in Lingayen.
Morphological peculiarities of the kame fields of the Estonian glacial uplands.
En effet, toujours situes a l'est d'un etablissement, les cimetieres Kaingang contemporains sont divises en moities kame et kairu en fonction d'un axe est-ouest constitue d'une etroite bande de terre sur laquelle donne une porte situee du cote ouest de la cloture rectangulaire protegeant l'enceinte du betail.
Meanwhile, Fifth Dynamics' independently released album Pogi Kame has tracks that reflect the members' fun-loving personalities.
Morphologically, the kames of Estonia are represented by hills, cupolas, ridges, terraces, and plateaus, which within the limits of the kame field alternate with various negative forms, mainly of glaciokarst origin.
They were all arrested following a raid conducted by the PNP-Criminal Investigation and Detection Group and the Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission at Kame Hachi Corporation, Japanese Learning School in Lingayen, Pangasinan last March 17.
One such example came in the men's 110m hurdles when Madagascan athlete Ali Kame set off down the track before the athletes had even been called for settling into their blocks and was disqualified for one of the more obvious false starts.
When Estrada was the country's president, Lopez said she was active in the KAME Foundation, which was founded to improve the level of education and increase the number of indigent children going to schools.