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KATKategorie (German: Category)
KATKatalysator (German: Catalytic converter)
KATKnoxville Area Transit
KATKappa Alpha Theta (sorority)
KATKembata, Alabaa and Tembaro (Ethiopia)
KATKnown Answer Test (cryptography)
KATKaitaia, New Zealand - Kaitaia (Airport Code)
KATKölner Arabidopsis T-DNA Lines
KATKeyboard Automation Technology
KATKnowledge Acquisition Team
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28 - ``All in Love Is Fair'': Judges felt the Stevie Wonder song was wrong for her, but judge Paula Abdul said Kat was ``still a star.
By the time the cops arrive, there's a full-scale rammy with Kat and Zoe in the thick of it.
While the two and four-fingered bars will remain on sale, Kit Kat Chunky, priced at 30p, has been designed to appeal to teenagers.
Kat Rudu, founder and CEO of Kat Rudu Beauty, said, "When a woman nourishes her body, heart and mind, her true beauty shines.
Nestle is hoping to cash in on a 34% sales uplift for its Kit Kat Chunky brand with a new caramel variant.
A new, weekly video series featuring Kat discussing all things beauty, is transformed into an interactive experience with shoppable videos powered by Demandware, one of the leading e-commerce software platforms.
There she meets Sister Ruth, played by TV legend June Whitfield, who remembers Kat as a young and frightened teenager.
Seth said Kat helped him dump her body in the Piscataqua River which leads to the Atlantic Ocean, but despite extensive searches, police still couldn't find her.
Kat leaves her market stall with Stacey, Shirley leaves the salon with Stacey so Stacey leaves Kat's stall with Mo.
The break-up of her engagement is not the only thing Kat is grieving over and about which she has never found 'closure,' the other being her detective father's murder many years before.
Pizza chains Napoli no Kama and Strawberry Cones have started using the Kit Kat Bakes in their recipes, to produce sweet, dessert pizzas.