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Helen combines live Kefir grains with nonhomogenised milk sourced from Llaethdy Llyn, Pwllheli.
Think of kefir as a cousin of yogurt with a similarly tangy taste.
In the morning, add 50g (2oz) of the raspberries (or a grated apple) and a couple of dessertspoons t or milk kefir and stir to orate.
Thankfully, Kefir Kids will be on hand to rescue sweltering mouths with as much Kefir non-dairy smoothies to cool down their palates after the competition.
A 2018 review article from Brazil suggests that kefir may provide benefits for people with cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.
Five years later, Chuckling Goat employs 22 staff, has an annual turnover of PS3.5m and sells its kefir products direct to 147,000 customers in 38 countries.
The organic kefir, RRP PS1.95, is authentically tart with a luscious texture and creamy taste.
According to the Turkish Food Codex, kefir is a kind of fermented dairy product containing starter cultures or examples of kefir.
I first heard about kefir from a friend in California who takes only healthy organic vegetarian, non-dairy foods.
However, shop-bought probiotics in the form of plain live yogurt and kombucha, or fermented foods such as kefir and pickled vegetables can be expensive, and full of added sugar.
These probiotic strains are widely used in fermented milk-based products such as kefir, yogurt, and cheese.