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KEGSKing Edward VI Grammar School (Chelmsford, England)
KEGSKomputer Enthusiasts of Greater Seattle (Bellevue, WA)
KEGSKent's Emulated GS (Apple IIGS emulator)
KEGSKing Edward's Grammar School (Suffolk, UK)
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Gene Yoon, managing partner at Bregal Sagemount, that has $650 million in devoted finance said, Keg Logistics is the only keg financing business focused on making the brewer successful.
White wines do not show as many sensory differences, although kegged white wines are guaranteed to always be at a consistent temperature because the kegs are stored in refrigerators with temperature controls.
With these Single Keg beers, I'll get to indulge that focus and my mad-scientist thinking.
Diageo have ordered an internal investigation after the thief was able to drive an unmarked truck into its yard, hitch a trailer to the back of it and drive off with the kegs.
Now breweries may start charging EUR90 deposits on every keg.
Trading standards officers who visited two of the company's depots in Coventry and Wolverhampton in November last year seized beer kegs from inside the warehouse which did not contain the brew advertised on the label.
All the major brewers are funding the Kegwatch scheme and offering rewards to people whose information leads to the return of stolen kegs or conviction of criminals.
It provides special locator boards which allow them to transport traditional stainless steel kegs safely.
We think the keg proposition for restaurants is pretty compelling, and we wanted to be in the space," Hughes says.
The system is offered by West Yorkshire, England-based provider of tracking services for kegs and casks, Kegspertise.