KGVKing George V (class of British battleship)
KGVKing George V School
kgVKleinstes Gemeinsames Vielfaches (German: Least Common Multiple)
KGVKnife Gate Valve
KGVKirchgemeinde Versammlung (convention of the parish Switzerland)
KGVKrypto Graphic Voice
KGVKrawiecka, Goldberg & Vaughan (psychiatric assessment scale)
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Thursdays (May 12) results: Brotton 7 - 1 Great Ayton; Borough Park 7 - 1 Middlesbrough B; Guisborough KGV 7 - 1 Saltburn; Northallerton 7 - 1 Jack Hatfield; Skelton 6 - 2 Cochranes; Smith's Dock 7 - 1 Guisborough Priory; Thornaby Village 6 - 2 Nunthorpe; Middlesbrough A 6.
TALK: Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg chats with KGV College students Picture: GARETH JONES
Whilst still on the KGV George took part in providing covering fire for troops in North Africa and for the allied invasion of Sicily and Italy.
It was said at the time that had it "gone off" it could have caused the crane to fall on to the KGV or carrier HMS Victorious.
A League: Wharton Arms 4-5 Station, Boosbeck, Ship, Brotton 2-7 Globe B Marske Cricket Club 6-3 KGV Bowls Club.
What amount of the fund was paid to the families of the victims and what did the fund attract by investment after it was swallowed up by the KGV Fund?
RESULTS George May (mini-league) Trophy: The Abbey 4-5 Wharton Arms; G'bro TA Club 6-3 Marske Cricket Club; Ship, Brotton 7-2 Three Fiddles; The Globe B 3-6 The Globe A; KGV Bowls Club 6-3 The Boosbeck.
He said: "I'm so grateful for the nominations given by the staff at KGV.
A League: G'bro Town FC 5-4 The Boosbeck; Marske Cricket Club 6-3 Ship, Brotton; KGV Bowls Club P-P Globe B League Positions: 1 The Boosbeck (32-6); 2 The Globe B (30-5); Marske Cricket Club (30-6); 4 G'bro Town FC (25-6); KGV Bowls Club P-P Globe B; Ship, Brotton (24-6); Wharton Arms (20-6); 7 KGV Bowls Club (19-5).
Any questions about the tender documents must submit in writing, through the messaging system in KGV (Visma Tendsign) within 3 days
Results and standings A League: The Boosbeck 7-2 Wharton Arms; KGV Bowls Club 4-5 Marske Cricket Club; The Globe B 7-2 Ship, Brotton.
We wish both suppliers who have a full KGV solution and vendors who have only an electronic receipt solution.