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KICKKids in Charge of Kalories (Anthem Blue Cross of California)
KICKKisumu Innovation Centre Kenya (est. 1993; Kisumu, Kenya)
KICKKeep It Complicated Knucklehead
KICKKarate Institute of Chinese Kenpo (Albuquerque, NM)
KICKKarate Inspires City Kids (Boston, MA)
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Says I, on second thoughts,"I guess I won't kick you, old fellow.
Well, the match is for the best of three goals; whichever side kicks two goals wins: and it won't do, you see, just to kick the ball through these posts--it must go over the cross-bar; any height'll do, so long as it's between the posts.
here's the punt-about; come along and try your hand at a kick.
You have been well-bred and well-born; your father has a great name in these parts, and your grandfather won the cup two years at the Newmarket races; your grandmother had the sweetest temper of any horse I ever knew, and I think you have never seen me kick or bite.
But it was a more serious affair to attack a god, and no sound came from him as he leaped to meet the leg flying toward him in another kick.
Michael missed his calf as he uprose, but tore the other leg of the trousers to shreds and received a kick that lifted him a yard above the deck in a half-somersault and landed him on his back on deck.
He may kick me to death if he wish, but until he does he shall give me shelter from the storm.
He began to kick into the chaotic mass on the ground.
Many another gallon I bought, for Cloudesley and I got into the habit of drinking a certain hot toddy that actually tasted delicious going down and that carried the most exhilarating kick imaginable.
My father was a Southern gentleman, and he could pull down and bite and kick into rags every horse he came across.
Inside were suspended many sheets of tin or thin iron, and against these metal sheets a row of donkeys were pounding their heels with vicious kicks.
They, mistaking the frantic cries of Mynheer Isaac for demonstrations of joy, began to belabour him with kicks and cuffs, such as could not have been administered in better style by any prize-fighter on the other side of the Channel.