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KITPKavli Institute for Theoretical Physics
KITPKorean Integrated Training Program
KITPKick in the Pants (band)
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* A Kick in the Pants: Two in five retirement plan participants (40%) want their employer to give them a "slight nudge" to encourage them to save for retirement, and another 40% think that should be a "strong nudge" or a "kick in the pants," American Century Investments found through a national survey.
Gluttony (overindulgence)--The Law of Diminishing Returns says, at some point, all things will lose their luster and not give you the kick in the pants they once did.
And if there's one institution that still needs a kick in the pants, he adds, it's the military, with its continued support of "don't ask, don't tell"--a policy "everyone involved with the film would like to see struck down."