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KIDKeep It Down
KIDKansas Insurance Department
KIDKids in Danger (Chicago, IL)
KIDKernel Interface Driver
KIDKlamath Irrigation District (Oregon)
KIDKids' Inpatient Database
KIDKey Index
KIDKeratitis-Ichthyosis-Deafness syndrome
KIDKing's Indian Defense (chess)
KIDKriseninterventionsdienst (German: crisis intervention services)
KIDKunst Indeks Danmark (Danish: Art Index Denmark)
KIDKeyboard Input Device
KIDKorean Identification Number (South Korea)
KIDKillers in Disguise
KIDKinetic Inductance Detector (imaging)
KIDKnowing-In-Design (design environment)
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At length in her grief she went out, and the youngest kid ran with her.
The kids said: 'Dear mother, we will take good care of ourselves; you may go away without any anxiety.
The kid was still bleating as Meriem started rapidly in its direction, which she knew was straight toward a certain water hole which had once been famous as a rendezvous for lions.
The kid was down wind from him and getting the full benefit of his terrorizing scent, which did not reach Meriem.
I see you are accustomed to wearing kid gloves--but some gentlemen are so awkward about putting them on.
I can always tell when a gentleman understands putting on kid gloves.
He looked down upon the frightened, bleating kid, advertising, in its fear and its innocence, its presence and its helplessness.
However, I altered my traps; and not to trouble you with particulars, going one morning to see my traps, I found in one of them a large old he-goat; and in one of the others three kids, a male and two females.
Meanwhile his comrades had prepared the repast, had got some water from a spring, spread out the fruit and bread, and cooked the kid.
Roberts was captain of one outfit, and once, after a fight, they took a lot of prisoners--squaws, an' kids an' babies.
As she said this she looked down at her hands, and was surprised to see that she had put on one of the Rabbit's little white kid gloves while she was talking.
But the Butcher turned nervous, and dressed himself fine, With yellow kid gloves and a ruff-- Said he felt it exactly like going to dine, Which the Bellman declared was all "stuff.