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NEPHRO-Kidney (Prefix)
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When the 'three kidney ones,' which were to be a blind to the conversation, were set before them on three little tin platters, each kidney one ornamented with a hole at the top, into which the civil man poured hot gravy out of a spouted can as if he were feeding three lamps, Flora took out her pocket-handkerchief.
Tom has eaten kidney and pigeon-pie, and imbibed coffee, till his little skin is as tight as a drum; and then has the further pleasure of paying head waiter out of his own purse, in a dignified manner, and walks out before the inn-door to see the horses put to.
Where the blow had been over the kidneys, the white skin had become bright red.
HYDERABAD -- World kidney day is a global health campaign celebrated annually all over the world on March 8 by focusing health of the major body organ and kidneys to reduce the occurrence of diseases like health problems.
Bill Cosby's daughter Ensa Cosby died on February 26, 2018, from renal disease, after suffering from kidney issues throughout her short life.
More than 20 million Americans may have lab tests showing kidney disease, and rates are growing among adults.
Thoracic ectopic kidney is a rare developmental anomaly that is the least frequent one among all forms of ectopic kidneys.
Islamabad -- Kidney diseases affect millions of people worldwide, including many children.
Your donations of reusable clothing and household items continues to make an impact in supporting the 1 in 10 Canadians living with or at risk of developing kidney disease.
October 16, 2015 -- Investigators here have established a highly efficient method for making kidney structures from stem cells that are derived from skin taken from patients.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A highly efficient method was developed for making kidney structures from stem cells that are derived from skin taken from patients.
September 27, 2015 (ADDIS ABABA) -- Doctors in Ethiopia have for the first time conducted a kidney transplant surgical procedures to curb the increasing cases of kidney failure and its associated problems across the Horn of African country.