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NEPHRO-Kidney (Prefix)
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When the 'three kidney ones,' which were to be a blind to the conversation, were set before them on three little tin platters, each kidney one ornamented with a hole at the top, into which the civil man poured hot gravy out of a spouted can as if he were feeding three lamps, Flora took out her pocket-handkerchief.
Tom has eaten kidney and pigeon-pie, and imbibed coffee, till his little skin is as tight as a drum; and then has the further pleasure of paying head waiter out of his own purse, in a dignified manner, and walks out before the inn-door to see the horses put to.
I learned to play at cricket, to hate rich people, to cure warts, to write Latin verses, to swim, to recite speeches, to cook kidneys on toast, to draw caricatures of the masters, to construe Greek plays, to black boots, and to receive kicks and serious advice resignedly.
Where the blow had been over the kidneys, the white skin had become bright red.
He wore his good sword, which hung in a baldric of sea-wolf's skin, for he had suffered for many years, they say, from an ailment of the kidneys; and over all he threw a long cloak of good grey cloth.
Abdominal ultrasound failed to show a kidney image on the left side in renal or pelvic region.
Your donations of reusable clothing and household items continues to make an impact in supporting the 1 in 10 Canadians living with or at risk of developing kidney disease.
Duplex kidney is an entity which is one of commonest congenital urinary tract anomalies.
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 23, 2019-: Artificial Kidney Market Huge Growth Opportunities and Challenges to Watch in 2019
DAY by day, number of kidney patients is increasing.
As a naturopathic doctor with a practice focusing on kidney health, I am often called upon by other holistic practitioners to collaborate with the renal issues of their patients' care.