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KIFKnowledge Interchange Format
KIFKumamoto International Foundation (Japan)
KIFKanagawa International Foundation (Japan)
KIFKiwanis International Foundation (service organization)
KIFKorea Institute of Finance (South Korea)
KIFKonferenz der Informatik Fachschaften
KIFKinesin Family Member
KIFKarolinska Investment Fund
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The private sector is the cornerstone of the future economy, and through KIF 2018, we are underlining the opportunities and returns that Kuwait assures investors.
Those who are interested in joining The Kif Brown Foundation's #GivingTuesday initiative can visit https://thekifbrownfoundation.
Don Ramon utilizo el titulo La pipa de kif presumiblemente para indicar que sus poemas fueron escritos bajo el influjo del cannabis.
Elektro Kif is the first new dance to come out of France since the can-can and the Coventry boys will be showing their moves on stage.
Elektro Kif is presented by the Dance Touring Partnership; and will be performed by eight young Parisian dancers.
President of the Executive Board of KIF, Hasan Cansever, said that the KIF went through a tough road before joining the FCI as a partner.
As the culture of kif and its derivatives has emerged and developed, the socio-economic connections have been deeply changed.
Summary: Tetuan - Police and customs services seized, Sunday in Bab Sebta (northern Morocco), a total of 383 kg of cannabis resin and 9 kg of kif in four operations, police sources said on Monday.
Kif, at 219 DeKalb Avenue in Fort Greene, has expanded its garden seating space.
The seminar entitled "Gender and Sexuality," is set to be held in April and will tackle sensitive issues that people are too shy to discuss for religious and social reasons, said Mariam Benebodallah, media spokesperson for the Moroccan homosexual association Kif Kif.
Young female job applicants outshone their male counterparts in the financial sector last year, considering women only account for about 40 percent of the total workforce in the industry," a KIF researcher said.
KIF uses an AI engine to manage electronic documents.