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KBITKaufman Brief Intelligence Test
KBITKangan Batman Institute of TAFE (Technical and Further Education; Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
KBITKnowledge Based Intelligent Tracking
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A typical ISDN line actually contains two digital phone lines, each capable of transmitting 64 kilobits - 64,000 bits of data - every second.
Palm's independent field tests show that Treo 700w smartphone can deliver speeds of between 400-600 kilobits per second.
The 117F has the capability of a SINCGARS radio, a UHF PRC-113 HaveQuick, and a DAMA radio with satellite communications that go up to 56 kilobits in two different modes," observes Curran.
BroadbandAccess, with typical user speeds of 300-500 kilobits per second (kbps), is ideal for downloading files and business-critical information residing behind corporate firewalls and for accessing e-mail, intranets and the Internet.
From there we step down the signal to a variable bit rate that can send 500 to 600 kilobits per second to broadband channels, transcoding from MPEG to broadband in real time.