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Both are GSM standards that target data transmission at speeds greater than 115 kilobytes per second.
Kilobytes and XcelleNet collaborated to deploy XcelleNet's Afaria to help Discover Communications install, configure and manage point of sale applications and business processes.
The modem lets users download at a rate up to 56 kilobytes per second, send and receive faxes at 14.
The Natural Access System is now implemented and running on microcomputers such as the IBM Personal Computer AT with 640 kilobytes of internal memory.
90 modem) from 28 kilobytes per second (kbps) without the service to as high as 173 kbps.
The MCU provides up to 32 kilobytes (KB) of flash or mask ROM and up to 1KB of RAM.
But the KDDI Java service is capable of downloading up to 50 kilobytes of software, compared with 10 kilobytes for i-appli.