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KKing (playing cards, chess)
KBlack (in CMYK color space)
KKindergarten (as in K-12)
KKelvin (thermodynamic temperature scale)
KKosher (symbol on food labels)
KKilo- (thousand)
KKalium (Potassium)
KSpecial K (cereal)
KOver (logging abbreviation)
KQue (Spanish)
KKritik (German: critique)
KKiller (type of white blood cell)
KCapital (economics)
KK-Mart (store)
KCarrying Capacity (population studies)
KKerry (Irish car registration)
KCologne (auto license plate)
KKey Generator
KEastern Ontario (postal code designation, Canada)
KKompressor (band)
KKappa (receptor)
KKicker (football)
KLysine (amino acid)
KPermeability (physics)
KCathode (electronics)
KKetamine (animal tranquilizer/disassociative)
KKorpus (Russian, building; used in postal addresses)
KKnit Stitch
KKerrang! (British Magazine and TV Channel)
KPhylloquinone (vitamin)
KK Language (Unix-Based programming language)
KKell Blood Group
KKey/Black (printing ink in CMYK model)
KBoltzman Constant
KCoefficient of Thermal Conductivity
KKilohm (unit of electrical resistance; also seen as Kiloohm)
KKiloohm (resistor; electronics schematics)
KLudwig von Köchel (publisher of catalog of the works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
KKlebsiella Pneumoniae Serotype
KFederal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Texas (designates original point of circulation of a dollar bill)
KKeratometric Reading (contact lens fitting term)
KKellogg's Corp (stock symbol)
KConfidential Cryptographic (TMINS)
KUS Offices in China Stamp (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
KTanker Aircraft Designation (US military, as in KC-10)
KWreck Less Than $50 Damage (Alabama Public Safety radio code)
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This card replaces the AT hard disk controller, is based on a M68000 processor which does the I/O and caching, has 512 kilobytes of on-board cache, and can be connected to another card with 3 megabytes of cache memory.
The paltry AM-quality mono sound recorded at the rate of 8,000 samples with 8 bits (1 byte) of information per second also needs almost 8 kilobytes per second.
When personal computers were first introduced they didn't have much memory - perhaps 64 kilobytes. (See the sidebar "Bytes, Kilobytes, and Beyond.") You couldn't do much with that little memory.
Of this, fixed broadband internet connections, which have more than 256 kilobytes speed, increased by 5.2 per cent to 443,884 in May 2019 whereas fixed narrowband internet connections, which have less than 256 kilobytes speed, fell by 3.3 per cent to 2,155 subscriptions at the end of May 2019, according to the latest data released by National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI).
customers, who have a speed of less than 256 kilobytes.
The circuit board that powered the Game Boy consisted of a CPU and eight kilobytes of work RAM and eight kilobytes of video RAM.
Some old voting machines' memory cards can hold only 512 kilobytes. (That's 0.07 percent of a typical CD-ROM.)
Hisham al-Sarkhi, director of Gemalto, the company which will carry out the project, said the electronic chip of the card will have a storage a capacity of 144 kilobytes, which fits global standards.
"We are calling forth the attention of the NATIONAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION for this matter in hand; with this we talk as a whole...as ONE, we are asking for fairness in charging and serving our data services; Unlimited should be patterned to its name - 'UNLIMITED'; not 'UNLIMITED with 800MB cap.' A 2 MBPS speed should never be a 56kbps (kilobytes per second).
The state government owns 51% shares in the water plant, which was established by Joint Access Kilobytes two years ago.
Business and the Barrel of a Gun: Understanding Entrepreneurship and Violent Conflict in Developing Countries (414.55 kilobytes)
It could be used only to run primitive games and write basic programmes having a mere 4 kilobytes of memory.