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KMComoros (ISO country code, top level domain)
KMKnowledge Management
KMKarl Marx (philospher)
KMKonica Minolta (camera)
KMKaltmiete (German: rent without utilities)
KMAir Malta (IATA airline code)
KMKiss Me
KMKrav Maga (Israeli martial art)
KMKyocera Mita (various locations)
KMKriegsmarine (WWII German Navy)
KMKey Management
KMKnights of Malta (religious order)
KMKoninklijke Marine (Royal Navy)
KMKilling Machine (short movie)
KMMichaelis-Menten Constant (molececular cellular biology)
KMKitchen Manager (restaurants)
KMKarl Malone (NBA Player)
KMKnight of Malta
KMKarabin Maszynowy (Polish: Machine Gun)
KMKevin Mitnick (former hacker)
KMKnightmare (gaming clan)
KMKrause-Mishler (numismatic catalogue)
KMKashimashi (anime)
KMKabataang Makabayan (Nationalist Youth, Philippines)
KMKick Me
KMKent Messenger (newspaper, England)
KMKashmiri Migrant (India)
KMKeith Mcleod (NBA Player)
KMKinematic Mount
KMKeyboard Mania (keyboard simulation game)
KMKilomega (archaic; now Giga-)
KMKiller Mongoose (UK gaming clan)
KMKirk-Mayer, Inc
KMKingd Mickey (video game character, Kingdom Hearts)
KMUnited Kingdom to Mediterranean (routing designation; US Navy)
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When coupled with other leading-edge Bell Labs technologies - such as extended L-band amplifiers, Raman amplifiers, forward error correction and optimal dispersion compensation - DPSK allowed the research team to achieve error-free transmission over 4,000 kilometers (2500 miles) for all 64 channels, each of which had a signal of 40 gigabits per second.
The northern boundary of the concession is approximately 70 kilometers WSW of Kumasi, the Ashanti regional capital, whereas the southern end of the concession is approximately 140 kilometers NNE of the port city of Takoradi, the Western Regional capital.
The contract for completion of a part of Riyadh-Al Rain-Beesha Road for a length of 147 kilometers has been given to Al Ayouni Investment and Contracting Co.
The few craters less than 35 kilometers in diameter, and the complete absence of craters less than 2 kilometers across, tell yet another story, says Schaber.
Several surface and auger sampling traverses, spaced 10 kilometers apart, were completed across the width of these large dune systems.
Urduja is expected to be 260 kilometers east of Borongan City, Eastern Samar by Thursday afternoon and 175 kilometers east of Catarman, Northern Samar by Friday afternoon.
The riders will cover 3,540 kilometers over the 21 days of the race.
Ferdie, which was last tracked 1,015 kilometers east of Tuguegarao City in Cagayan, moved with a speed of west northwest at 22 kph.
46 kilometers were completed at a cost of P296 million.
The fourth contract is for completion of work on Aqaba Al Saheefa-Thaqeef Al Marqaban up to Bani Dubian for a length of 7 kilometers; Rabou Al Ain-Daten Road for a length of 10 kilometers and Adem- Rabou Al Ain-Aqaba Shehdan Road for a length of 8 kilometers at a cost of SR 69 million.
Looking at the number of paved kilometers per number of inhabitants alone, we are behind Ecuador and Guatemala.
Before last year, all three ice shelves stretched dozens of kilometers farther from the coast than they had in decades.