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By the end of 2019, the Kyrgyz Government plans to complete the construction of 64 facilities, including 41 schools and gyms, 3 kindergartens, 6 gyms and complexes, 6 healthcare facilities and a number of other facilities.
Landscaping work was carried out and green areas were laid out in the territory of the kindergarten.
The government will also introduce a duty of activity that is clear on what the kindergarten should do if one or more children do not feel safe and well in the kindergarten.
On Sunday, the police official led the blessing and inauguration of the newly constructed PRO-BARMM Kindergarten School playground here.
"Both of my boys went through the full day kindergarten program and I feel it not only gave them each an opportunity to thrive and flourish as leaders, but it has prepared them for the structure of full day learning in elementary school," stated Stephanie Savage, a parent of two ACDS alumni.
Based on the initial datasets provided by DepEd, the projected enrollment for kindergarten this school year is 2,330,099.
(TAP) - Three kindergartens stemming from associations, in Douz (Tozeur governorate), presented as Koranic kindergartens, have been shut down.
In an edict, Labour and Social Development Minister Jameel Humaidan announced the cancellation of the licence of Kingdom of Flowers (Al Zuhoor) kindergarten.
The kindergarten in Dongtan has been widely criticized online after asking children's mothers to write to their husbands, saying the letters will be used as education material for Parents' Day (May 8).
Azerbaijan's First Vice-President Mehriban Aliyeva took part in the opening of the kindergarten building.
After a few hours at kindergarten, she had a high fever and was taken to the Piesany hospital by ambulance.
"Join the Healthy Boat" is a multicomponent health promotion programme for kindergarten children (three to six years old) in southwest Germany, which was developed by means of Bartholomew's Intervention Mapping Approach (IMA; see Figure 1) [18].
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