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KGSKings (Old Testament)
KGSKansas Geological Survey
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KGSKing George School (Sutton, VT)
KGSKingsley, MI
KGSKooperative Gesamtschule (German school)
KGSKiseido Go Server
KGSKarvy Global Services (New York, NY)
KGSKforce Government Solutions, Inc (Fairfax, Virginia)
KGSKorea Gas Safety Corporation
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KGSKomatsu General Services (Japan)
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It started, directly, in the London palace of Henry III, and was the result of a quarrel between the King and his powerful brother-in-law, Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester.
A power in England, second only to the King himself, and with the heart of a lion in him, he answered the King as no other man in all England would have dared answer him.
Do you know that not two moons gone the king was wroth with you because he fell sick, and would have caused you to be slain had I not pleaded for you and called his oath to mind?
When therefore the son had been proclaimed king, and the time of mourning was over, he was forced to keep the promise which he had given his father, and caused the king's daughter to be asked in marriage, and she was promised to him.
The King of England, now Henry VI, was only a child.
Therefore the King stormed and raved all by himself, walking up and down in his jewel-studded cavern and getting angrier all the time.
On arriving beneath the porch of the Castle of the States, the king met, surrounded by his guards and gentlemen, with S.
As soon as he was told of the king's illness he put on his best robe and presented himself before the king.
Now we are coming to a King's seat, and you must ask the King to keep us all winter, and to give you a little room for both of us.
As the Queen had said aforetime, the King was mightily proud of his archers, and now held this tourney to show their skill and, mayhap, to recruit their forces.
It is good advice," said Athos, "and if the king will do one of us the honor we shall be truly grateful to him.
Then, again, he wished to unburden his mind to the king; but yet the king would not be able to understand the suspicions which had not even a shadow of reality at their base.