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KISSKeep It Simple, Stupid
KISSKeep It Super Simple
KISSKeep It Short & Simple
KISSKeep It Simple Silly
KiSSKisekae Set System (Japanese language and culture)
KISSKeep It Simple, Sweetie
KISSKeep It Simple, Sweetheart
KISSKeep It Simple and Straightforward (design principle; more commonly seen as Keep It Simple, Stupid)
KISSKEK Information Service System (Tsukuba, Japan)
KISSKeep It Stupidly Simple
KISSKeep It Simple, Sir
KISSKeep it Simple, Smarty
KISSKeep It Simple Systems
KISSKeep It Simple, Students
KISSKeep It Simple, Statistically
KISSKeep It So Simple
KISSKeep It Simple, Saint
KISSKeep It Simple & Safe (airline and aviation management)
KISSKids Invite Someone Special
KISSKorean Intelligence Support System
KISSKeep It Simple and Systematic
KISSKid's Identity Suddenly Sixteen (Kids Next Door show)
KISSKristen Iteration Selection and Sequention (method)
KISSKeep It Safe & Sound
KISSKids In the Savior's Service
KISSKeep It Super Secret
KISSKes Internet Support Society (Ocampa Kes fan group; Star Trek Voyager)
KISSKing of Indiana Sprint Series (racing)
KISSKnights In Satan's Service
KISSKeep It Simple and Stupid
KISSKeep It Straight and Simple
KISSKeep It Small and Simple
KISSKeep It Short and Sweet
KISSKeeping in Style Salon (Melcher, IA)
References in classic literature ?
That's nonsense,' said the Princess; 'and if I can kiss him, you can too.
So I took care of her to the gate, and asked for a kiss for my pains.
He was inexorable, and she sat still, and d'Urberville gave her the kiss of mastery.
For a month before, they had been talking of my departure and sorrowing over it; and at the waterfall, of an evening, when we parted for the night, they would hug me so tight and kiss me so warmly, far more so than before.
Methinks thou art right," quoth Robin, "and, contrariwise, that when we kiss a pleasure that appeareth gay it turneth foul to us; is it not so, Little John?
Men will want to kiss you, just as they'll want to marry you.
One could call it a kiss, though it was only on the end of the nose.
I declare I WILL kiss you," she said, with a sudden stir at her heart.
I beg to say," Francine proceeded, "that I didn't intentionally see you kiss Emily's hand.
Should I dare to kiss her there and then, or slip my arm around her waist?
And men say that she shall dwell so until the time that a knight come that is so hardy as to go to her and kiss her mouth.
said he, when he saw what was going on, and he boxed the Princess's ears with his slipper, just as the swineherd was taking the eighty-sixth kiss.