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KSKansas (US postal abbreviation)
KSKyrgyzstan (international vehicle registration)
KSKey Stage (level of UK state education)
KSRepublic of Korea
KSKorean (Industrial) Standards
KSKitchen Sink
KSKevin Smith (movie director)
KSKeyboard Stand (various companies)
KSKama Sutra
KSKatsoa (Finnish: see, look)
KSKamehameha Schools (Honolulu, HI)
KSKatawa Shoujo (visual novel)
KSKnock Sensor (automotive)
KSKaposi's Sarcoma (common neoplastic complication in patients with AIDS)
KSKorean Standard
KSKommunenes Sentralforbund (Norwegian municipal organization)
KSKiefer Sutherland (actor)
KSKilling Spree (gaming)
KSKolbenschmidt (Germany)
KSKinki Sharyo (Japan)
KSKlinefelter Syndrome
KSKimber Select (cable; various locations)
KSKill Steal (gaming tactic)
KSKeratan Sulfate
KSKelly-Springfield (.50 cal ammunition headstamp)
KSKabuki Syndrome
KSKappa Sigma Fraternity
KSKato Seisakusho (Japan)
KSKiaSu (Singlish)
KSKnight Star
KSKnee Slapper
KSKnee Society
KSKindred of Sages
KSKol Simcha (Klezmer dance group)
KSKilimanjaro Safaris
KSKenzo Suzuki (wrestler)
KSKitchen Stadium (Iron Chef TV show)
KSKing's Scholar
KSKing's Scholar (Eton College)
KSKeratitis Sicca (ophthalmology; form of eye inflammation)
KSKLUB SPORT (sport club)
KSKool Skools (Australian music competition)
KSKnight Spec (Priston Tale)
KSKept Son (adoption)
KSKick Snapper (football; center on FG attempts)
KSKearny Standard
KSKonsekai:Swordwaltzer (webcomic)
KSKreative Software
KSPilotless Aircraft for Attack on Ship Targets (US Navy)
KSFuel Tanker/Anti-Submarine Aircraft designation
KSKnown Shippable
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I am guessing that perhaps the rate of water going in and out of the septic tank may be the cause of the problem as the washing machine water is forced out by the internal pump and the kitchen sink drains very quickly, while the bathroom drains more slowly (we take showers, not baths).
And if you have a sweet tooth, there's a similar kitchen sink treat on the menu that will give you the ultimate sugar rush.
These kitchen sinks are highly corrosion proof as the high-quality stainless steel material makes them resistant to corrosion, rust, and staining.
They generally come out of any holes (I am still confused as to where exactly they come from) or gutter pipes in the bathroom, or your kitchen sink and spread wherever it's wet.
The square basket strainers together with the elegant design overflow create the perfect look for the entire Nevada kitchen sink series.
Kitchen Sink feat THE CUREHEADS Ku Bar, Stockton Tomorrow Entry PS6
In The Kitchen Sink, nothing runs smoothly and certainly not the path of true love for this feisty lass who does not appreciate that appellation.
On Saturday, seven friends will leave Cardiff to cycle 400 miles to the Dutch capital Amsterdam - and they're taking a kitchen sink with them.
The Cassia kitchen sink is available in three built-in versions.
26 August 2010 - Indian credit rating agency ICRA kept yesterday the respective long- and short-term ratings of LBBB- and of A3 on the bank facilities of local kitchen sinks maker Acrysil Ltd (BOM:524091).
So, I encourage them to stand on one leg while they are standing at the kitchen sink rinsing the dinner dishes.
They include three wooden fireplace surrounds, 11 internal oak doors and two oak panel doors, two toilets and matching basins and pedestals, washing machines and dryers and ornate iron gates - and even a kitchen sink.