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KITEKnowledge, Innovation, Technology Enterprise
KITEKinetic Isolation Tether Experiment (US NASA)
KITEKansas Institute for Technical Excellence
KITEKinetic Kill Vehicle Integrated Technology Experiment
KITEKeyswitch Integrated Terminal Equipment
KITEKorean Institute of Telematics and Electronics (South Korea)
KITEKeyset Integrated Terminals
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It was strange indeed what influence that weird kite seemed to exercise.
But the kite broke to pieces in the air, and he would have drowned in the Serpentine had he not caught hold of two indignant swans and made them carry him to the island.
It is my intention, therefore, to signify, that, as it is the nature of a kite to devour little birds, so is it the nature of such persons as Mrs Wilkins to insult and tyrannize over little people.
I was going away, when he directed my attention to the kite.
The latter and I would have gone out to fly the great kite; but that I had still no other clothes than the anything but ornamental garments with which I had been decorated on the first day, and which confined me to the house, except for an hour after dark, when my aunt, for my health's sake, paraded me up and down on the cliff outside, before going to bed.
Luckily, the Law of the Jungle had taught him to keep his temper, for in the jungle life and food depend on keeping your temper; but when they made fun of him because he would not play games or fly kites, or because he mispronounced some word, only the knowledge that it was unsportsmanlike to kill little naked cubs kept him from picking them up and breaking them in two.
Now he is telling all his wisdom to the kites, but he told me everything before I broke his back.
He was dead, and the kites were coming for him already.
They make balloons, kites, dynamite bombs, and electrical apparatus."
* How does a kite-flyer create lift for a kite? (When a kite-flyer positions a kite in such a way that wind flows over the top of the kite faster than along the bottom, this creates lift.)
LEAD SPLIT SHOTS In order to fish more than one kite at a time, we weight our fishing kites with lead splitshots on one side of the kite or the other, depending on the direction we want the kite to fly.
Despite Sunday's bad weather, families flocked to Meggies Burn playing fields, South Beach to see the county's biggest kite festival.