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(221) In Vioxx, the court expressed uncertainty as to how to proceed, and ultimately decided that it was required to follow the letter of the Klaxon rule, and apply the choice-of-law rules of Louisiana, the state in which the MDL court sat, to all of the direct-filed cases, even though the court maintained that direct filing "was not intended to alter the substantive legal landscape.
"Our new Klaxon sound can immediately alert the pedestrians of the danger while also reducing the stress of the sound."
This solution would also achieve the other underlying goal of Klaxon, to more often vindicate states' policy choices regarding the scope of their own laws in cases where they have a regulatory interest.
The sounding of the klaxon meant the Barry Chemical Complex Offsite Emergency Plan should have been put into operation at the site.
In fact what happened was that only one supporter per club seemed to be able to afford one - or maybe fans just clubbed together given the expense - and the klaxon would be used in isolation as the basis for the 'parp-parp, parp-parp-parp, parp-parp-parp-parp CITY!' chant.
Not sure a bell to indicate final circuit would help, but surely a klaxon to indicate a false start would be a simple improvement?
It's almost a game but with only one rule - every time the klaxon sounds each reveller must swap an item of clothing with someone next to them.
A stand-alone fire alarm has been introduced by sound and visual signalling specialist Klaxon Signals.
Mr Marshall explained that the lowered barrier, flashing lights and klaxon indicated it was not safe to cross.
Secomak, a division of Klaxon Signals, at 502 Honeypot Lane, Stanmore, Middlesex, tel:020 8952 5566 have now launched a range of miniature air knives and air canfons that are ideal for precision drying and cleaning applications in the food and beverage industries&
In the first 999 call centre, a loud klaxon siren would wail and a red light would flash, to ensure the calls were answered as quickly as possible.
A spokeswoman for the police said: ``The police car did have its klaxon on at the time of the incident.