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This solution would also achieve the other underlying goal of Klaxon, to more often vindicate states' policy choices regarding the scope of their own laws in cases where they have a regulatory interest.
221) In Vioxx, the court expressed uncertainty as to how to proceed, and ultimately decided that it was required to follow the letter of the Klaxon rule, and apply the choice-of-law rules of Louisiana, the state in which the MDL court sat, to all of the direct-filed cases, even though the court maintained that direct filing "was not intended to alter the substantive legal landscape.
The Dow Corning chemical complex where a warning klaxon went off on October 1
At the World Cup in West Germany in 1974 everyone was deafened by the drone of klaxons.
They had their flashing lights on but they didn't have their klaxons on so there was no way I could know they were coming.
The Kommander from Klaxon Signals is a new user-recordable tone and voice message sounder that has been designed for industrial and security applications.
In the first 999 call centre, a loud klaxon siren would wail and a red light would flash, to ensure the calls were answered as quickly as possible.
I heard the fire engine, klaxon blaring, racing through the town.
The dinosaurs that run our sport can't even arrange for every stewards' box to be fitted with a klaxon, which would warn punters of an impending inquiry.
The delay in announcing the inquiry, which resulted in the demotion of Nashaab, and the failure of the klaxon to sound, resulted in chaos at the course.
Claims that the device, which sounds a klaxon when the train goes through danger lights and will stop the train unless it is overridden by the driver, was not activated are expected to be made at the hearing, which will be covered live on television.
Operation Klaxon also led to the jailing of two drug couriers in Scotland and two in the Caribbean.