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KNACKKnowledge Acquisition Kernel
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He had a tolerable knack of fiddling, which all appreciated save the First Mate, who sprang from the sofa as if he had been shot, emitted a shriek of protest, and fled wildly up the stairs.
He must be very fond of her, for he gives her one day his chiefest treasure, to wit, a huge pocket-knife with four rusty blades and a corkscrew, which latter has a knack of working itself out in some mysterious manner and sticking into its owner's leg.
These things are not to be learnt; they depend upon a knack that comes, I suppose," added she, smiling, "with one's mother's blood.
As you say, it must be a knack that belongs to you on the mother's side.
From his earliest boyhood he had exhibited a knack--for it would be too proud a word to call it genius--a knack, therefore, for the imitation of the human figure in whatever material came most readily to hand.
And he had a good knack at getting in the complimentary thing here and there about a knight that was likely to advertise -- no, I mean a knight that had influence; and he also had a neat gift of exaggeration, for in his time he had kept door for a pious hermit who lived in a sty and worked miracles.
You are very fond of bending little minds; but where little minds belong to rich people in authority, I think they have a knack of swelling out, till they are quite as unmanageable as great ones.
was growing tired of this idle social life: opera-boxes and restaurateur dinners palled upon her: nosegays could not be laid by as a provision for future years: and she could not live upon knick- knacks, laced handkerchiefs, and kid gloves.
Knack II finds the city of Newhaven under attack by an ancient robot goblin army.
Knack has the standard heavy and light attacks with some special attacks thrown into the mix.
AWith gamers salivating over the highly anticipated PS4, Knack was going to be the game to show off exactly what the console could do.
There's a Knack to this game KNACK 2 PS4 Release: SEPTEMBER 6 THE adorable Knack was the first character many gamers got to play when the PS4 debuted at the back end of 2013.