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KNITsKoordinatsionity Nautschno - Informatsionity Tsentr (Coordination Scientific Information Center, Russian military)
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While my favorite sweaters to knit are those knitted from the neck down, and Harper's book does not feature neck down and raglan sleeve, cables can be adapted to most any knitter desire.
Knit fabrics that have a small amount of stretch include jersey, double knit, dense sweater knits and terry cloth.
Our ability to quickly deliver high quality, complex knit programs enables us to fulfill the needs of both new brands that are focusing on Made in USA goods and established companies that are looking for specific technical capabilities, extra capacity, or the benefits of reshoring.
Effect of knit structure and finishing treatments on functional and comfort properties of cotton knitted fabrics.
I knit 300 for Christmas and another 300 for Easter.
Even a child can learn to knit with a little patience and practice.
Mark Fast, this season, opted for a weightier graphic ribbed knit that took the shape of pencil skirts slashed to the thigh and cropped jumpers.
Ticking the box for the androgynous and minimalist trends, an oversized knit is not only ideal for layering, but it also disguises unwanted Santa bellies too.
She went on: "Initially I knit what are the equivalent of clothes for everything from vases and tea light holders to light shades, and then cast them to produce a mould.
50, folk flower embroidered cushion, pounds 35, chunky knit cushion in mocha, pounds 25, organic wave cushion in chocolate, pounds 15 (on floor) chunky knit throw, from pounds 45, all from Marks & Spencer SIT BACK AND RELAX: Albert, vintage chair in handknitted cabled Union Flag design, from pounds 2,500, from Melanie Porter TUCKED UP IN BED: Burlington waffle bedlinen, from pounds 12 for a pillowcase, Berwick wool-rich cable-knit throw, pounds 250, cushion cover pounds 80 and Grafton cotton knit throw, pounds 125, all from The White Company
We'd have dinner first and then knit for two or three hours," Ms.