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KOALAKids Own Australian Literature Award (New South Wales, Australia)
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Whether youre a koala rehabilitator, vet, ecologist, researcher or wildlife enthusiast everyone in the NSW community can help to protect koalas by downloading and using the I Spy Koala to record their NSW koala sightings.
After 24 hours of voting, koala joey Tallow from Paradise Country on the Gold Coast was named the winner, securing the most likes in the period.
thirsty work Koala using a drinking station to rehydrate
When not asleep a koala feeds on eucalyptus leaves, especially at night.
Taipei Zoo described Wolverine as having a gentle personality with a charming smile, and as distinctly different to the zoo's other koala.
25, with the gym confirming that the koalas had been safely returned to the wild.
Unfortunately, there are only a few scattered reports of diabetes in koalas, and "there's not anything documented about treating a koala over a long term," Dr.
Tanami the koala is offered food before disembarking from a plane at Edinburgh Airport Pictures: RZSS EDINBURGH ZOO /PA Wire
But there is some good news: with the new map of koala genes, scientists can engineer a koala-specific medicine to combat disease like chlamydia!
GRIN AND BEAR IT From left, gymnasts Dan Purvis, Kelvin Cham, Frank Baines, Hamish Carter and David Weir with koalas and a some not-so-cuddly reptiles
According to a report in (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-01-11/dead-koala-screwed-to-post-photo-prompts-investigation/9319540) ABC News Australia , RSPCA spokesman Michael Beatty said: "There needs to be an autopsy done on the koala's body to find out exactly what happened."
The Aussie wicket-keeper on Sunday posted the already viral 'Koala Street Fight' video on Twitter, saying that the two Koalas are his former teammates, Ricky Ponting and Mark Waugh.