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KOANKenya Organic Agriculture Network
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Koan executive vice president and co-founder Jeff Hayes will direct the newly acquired business, which will be integrated into Koan's datalyst/population and datalyst/episode solutions.
Sometimes the format of a koan (\'ko-,an\) is question and answer, but the answer is designed to shift your consciousness rather than answer the question.
That the Dutch colonial administration descriminated against the Chinese during its rule is clearly illustrated in Iskandar Jusuf's Dari Tiong Hoa Hwe Koan 1900 sampai Sekolah Terpadu Pahoa 2008, which focuses on the realm of education.
To give one example: from German and English Romanticism he took the idea that humans are in deep harmony with nature, and combined it wvith the Zen idea of the koan and its irrational insights (e.
In Japanese, the word paradox is referred to as a Zen paradox or koan where ko means "public" and an is a "proposition" or question (Heine & Wright, 2000, 268).
Norvig maintains that the meaning of this koan--if a koan can be said to have a single meaning--is that computers already have preconceptions.
The iconic White Koan, which sits at the front of the venue, had been in storage as multi-million-pound work to extend Butterworth Hall and landscape the front of the building took place.
This koan, which may be the earliest example of a koan on record, is at the center of this film-mandala, which is itself a koan.
The conclusion is that the koan offers "a test site in which the self is placed at absolute risk" (307).
The winning public relations strategy was developed in partnership with Koan, a Manchester-based communications consultancy.
These works have become your koan, and working with a koan isn't about finding an answer; it's about being in the question.
28 Weeks Later," helmed by Spaniard Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, co-written by Spaniard Enrique Lopez Lavigne and co-financed by Spain's Sogecine and Koan Films, grossed $2.