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UUnd (German: And)
UUpper Class
UWind Speed
UUpdate(d) (action code)
UUnlimited Time (broadcasting operating schedules)
USunday (one letter abbreviation for day of week)
UUtah (ammunition headstamp)
UUtility (US military aircraft designation; as in U-6 Beaver)
UKosher (from Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations)
UUniform (aviation letter code)
UUnitary (mathematics)
UAtomic Unit (measure of mass)
UUmdrehungen (German: RPM)
UUnterseeboot (German: submarine)
UUnion Metallic Cartridge Co (division of Remington Arms; used on head stamp of .22 cartridges)
UEnvelope or Letter Sheet (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
UUnit of measurement for rackmount equipment (U is 1.75in or 4.44cm)
UUS DoT tire speed rating (124 mph)
UUnknown Wind Intensity (weather reports)
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Kosher Standz, a conglomerate of the Chicago-based catering company Danziger Kosher Midwest, is opening DanZtand in Wrigley on July 21.
Max Moussazadeh, 40, was serving a 75-year prison sentence for serving as a lookout during a 1993 murder when he filed a federal lawsuit in 2005 complaining that the prison system did not provide kosher food.
Starting as a niche segment of the American food industry, kosher food has become ubiquitous, with more than 70,000 products certified as kosher and close to 15 billion dollar business in annual sales.
This new addition to the Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt portfolio has a finer cut.
We are very proud to be offering Connecticut's largest and certainly best selections of kosher wine and spirits available," said Matthew Murphy, President of Murphy Distributors.
Considering all of the above, comprehensive regulations and oversight must be implemented to ensure that the ingredients as well as production of kosher foods are consistent with the above rules.
As long as the other ingredients (the bacteria cultures, acid and salt) are kosher and the cheese is prepared using sterilized equipment, these cheeses are considered kosher (and many carry kosher certification).
Biocatalysts have a long-standing relationship with Manchester Beth Din who has been providing Rabbis for nearly 30 years to oversee the production of kosher enzymes.
Pinacle Enterprise Inc (OTCBB: PINS) (OTCQB: PINS), a health and technology holding company, and its wholly owned subsidiary Alkame Water Inc announced on Friday that the company and Alkame branded bottled water products have received kosher certification from Orthodox Union (OU).
By contrast, kosher food certification by independent private firms is highly reliable, assuring compliance with religious standards of food production and preventing deceptive marketing.
Filipino food exporters are urged to tap the huge opportunities presented by the multibillion-dollar global kosher market, which is reportedly growing by 15 percent a year.
The 2nd Circuit on Tuesday delivered disappointing news to a kosher hot dog maker, finding that its agreement with the company that runs Citi Field, home of the New York Mets, did not give it the right to sell kosher products at the field on the Jewish Sabbath.