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ktonKiloton (energy released in exploding 1000 US tons of TNT)
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Durante 1996 las emisiones de NOx fueron de alrededor de 250 kton para los siete sectores.
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In Leuna (Germany), the investment will be done to profit on the important synergies with the PA6 supply chain and is related to a 5,5 Kton BOPA, with all the facilities consisting of the building ready for a further expansion with a second line.
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They will result in direct energy savings of 285 kton CCVyear; and, indirect savings from the increased share of energy efficient transport modes of 71 kton CCVyear.
In StocS kton, these included 104 penalty notices issued on Yarm High Street, 69 at Bath Lane North car park, and 71 at Bishop Street car park.
We project 1000 harvesters running by 2017, with an aggregate offset of 600 ktons (1.
Phase one of the expansion was expected to be completed in mid-May, and will add an additional 12 ktons of capacity, Ruday says.
The petrochemicals business saw an increase in domestic PVC sales to 112 Ktons during the nine months of 2012, as compared to 85 Ktons in the corresponding period last year.
Identificacion de objetos con distancia mayor hacia adentro que hacia afuera de cada aglomerado Dimension (variable latente) Variable Reduccion potencial de Reduccion estimada de ktons de emisiones GEI C[O.
In 1970, emissions were over 900 ktons, by 1980 it was reduced to 500 ktons and in 1990 it had dropped to 136 ktons.
According to Robert Finke, of Mitsubishi Polyester Films, in 2000 the world-wide demand for PET was 1,179 ktons and the global manufacturing capacity was 1,450 ktons.