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LACESLos Angeles Center for Enriched Studies (high school)
LACESLooked After Children Education Service (UK)
LACESLos Angeles Council of Engineers and Scientists (California)
LACESLower Alabama Continuing Education Seminars (Birmingham, AL)
LACESLife and Change Experienced thru Sports (Christian sports mentoring program; Muncie, IN)
LACESLondon Anti-Crime Education Scheme (youth program; UK)
LACESLos Angeles Coalition of Essential Schools (Los Angeles, CA)
LACESLinking America Through Cultural Exchange and Sustainability (education and awareness cultural exchange organization)
LACESLos Angeles Council for Engineering Societies
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To my dear sister Margaret, I give my turkquoise ring (if I get it), also my green box with the doves on it, also my; piece of real lace for her neck, and my sketch of her as a memorial of her 'little girl'.
There were credible rumors, also, of a hemstitched pocket-handkerchief; and report even went so far as to state that Miss Ophelia had one pocket-handkerchief with lace all around it,--it was even added that it was worked in the corners; but this latter point was never satisfactorily ascertained, and remains, in fact, unsettled to this day.
A born confidant to all the little intrigues of the work-rooms, the chevalier never passed the door, which usually stood open, without giving something to his little ducks,--chocolate, bonbons, ribbons, laces, gilt crosses, and such like trifles adored by grisettes; consequently, the kind old gentleman was adored in return.
and what a delightful litter their ribbons and laces, and gloves and hats, and parasols and 'kerchiefs make
Everywhere upon its surface, art causes its arabesques, rosettes, and laces to thrive luxuriantly before the eyes.
The hall was empty, save for Miss Willett who was playing scales with her fingers upon a sheet of sacred music, and the Carters, an opulent couple who disliked the girl, because her shoe laces were untied, and she did not look sufficiently cheery, which by some indirect process of thought led them to think that she would not like them.
Rich but shaggy laces were at his throat; a coat with shaggy edges was decorated with diamond buttons; the velvet breeches had jeweled buckles at the knees and shags all around the bottoms.
Silks -- satins -- velvets -- jewels -- laces -- they never wore anything else.
Her lithe, soft figure had fallen into a posture of graceful, almost voluptuous ease; the ribbons and laces of her muslin dressing gown quivered gently with her deep regular breathing.
I had not the strength to break the porpoise- hide laces, and the knots defied me.
The orchestra plunged into dance music and the laces of the dancer fluttered and flew in the glare of gas jets.
Some of Maud's cast-off toys had been neatly mended for Kitty; some of Fan's old ribbons and laces were converted into dolls' finery; and Tom's little figures, whittled out of wood in idle minutes, were laid away to show Will what could be done with a knife.