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LACKLondon Association of Chicken Keepers (UK)
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The surprising skill which Jonson, author of such plays, showed in devising the court masks, daintily unsubstantial creations of moral allegory, classical myth, and Teutonic folklore, is rendered less surprising, perhaps, by the lack in the masks of any very great lyric quality.
There is a lack of seriousness of purpose, an increasing tendency to return, in more morbid spirit, to the sensationalism of the 1580's, and an anxious straining to attract and please the audiences by almost any means.
It is strong, compact, and sometimes powerful, but it entirely lacks imaginative poetic beauty--it is really only rhythmical prose, though sometimes suffused with passion.
He said that it was major reason observed hunger strike at the embankments of Manchar Lack as every person would be participated in Sehwan SUP long march against Sindh government for the restoration of Manchar Lack.
During the twenty-four years he ran Atelier Lack he taught ninety-nine students, many of them now with successful careers.
NEW YORK -- Some 60 years ago, a doctor in Baltimore removed cancer cells from a poor black patient named Henrietta Lacks without her knowledge or consent.
Lack of institutional control was cited twice, in 1980 and 2005.
A parliamentary source said to NINA : "Today's meeting was not held due to lack of quorum and lack of agreement by political blocs on the financial budget which prompted the Presidency of the Parliament to adjourn the session to next Thursday.
Lack of control was simulated by asking participants to vividly recall an experience where they either lacked control or had full control.
For internists, reimbursement concerns were the main obstacle (35%), followed by time (33%) and lack of psychiatric support (28%).
Internal practice-based barriers are more significant to clinicians than lack of external disease-specific resources or training," she said, noting that lack of training was called a concern by 24% of internists and 12% of pediatricians.
Mr Brereton said: "Using such photographs without even informing the families shows a lack of judgment, a lack of respect for the dead, and a lack of common decency.