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LADDERLivelihoods and Diversification Directions Explored by Research (research project; Department of International Development; UK)
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I went to the donjon in search of my ladder, and in the lower part of the donjon which serves me and the gardener for a lumber room, I found the door open and the ladder gone.
This silence and this darkness emboldened Boxtel; he got astride the wall, stopped for an instant, and, after having ascertained that there was nothing to fear, he put his ladder from his own garden into that of Cornelius, and descended.
As to the manner in which he (or they) obtained access to the roof of the tavern, it is to be remarked that the third house, lower down in the street, was empty, and under repair--that a long ladder was left by the workmen, leading from the pavement to the top of the house-- and that, on returning to their work, on the morning of the 27th, the men found the plank which they had tied to the ladder, to prevent anyone from using it in their absence, removed, and lying on the ground.
The Lion climbed the ladder next, and the Tin Woodman came last; but both of them cried, "Oh, my
But there's one thing -- he can have a rope ladder; we can tear up our sheets and make him a rope ladder easy enough.
It's only a sort of loft, reached by a ladder, said Nolan.
And Aramis ascended the ladder quickly and reached the window in an instant.
In a little while Diksey came back with a tall ladder which he placed against the fence.
No," she answered; "Ellen is afraid to mount the ladder.
Not from compunction certainly, but, as it were me- chanically, I proceeded to get the ladder in myself.
She saw the young officer suspended over the abyss by a ladder of ropes.
This done, I put the ladder against the house wall, listened, measured the distance to the open second-floor window with my eye, listened again--and, finding all quiet, began my second and last ascent.