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LADELanguage Definition Environment
LADELebanese Association for Democratic Elections (Lebanon)
LADELíneas Aéreas Del Estado (Argentinian Airline)
LADELinux Application Development Environment
LADELive Action Distance Education
LADELipid Anomaly Dry Eye (optometry)
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Water in the lade was diverted from a dam on the Brandy Burn at the top of the Dusky Glen, near what is now Lapwing Lodge.
Bodies such as the EU and LADE, however, cannot themselves order the arrests of violators; they can only issue remarks and recommendations to Lebanon's Interior Ministry and Supervisory Commission for Elections.
suffer from "diseconomies of scale" that result in poor management and use of taxpayer money Lade says.
Won morning the lade mada gingerbredman and he got up and he ran awai.
Diversion Media's technology team, led by Co-Founder Tatum Lade, developed Snowvision on Diversion's in-house platform, built in Ruby on Rails and optimized to manage uploads, publishing, and delivery of multiple video formats.
After awhile, the conflicted thesps determine to help the sibs get to Palestine, where they have relatives, but the ad-hoe family faces a formidable challenge in the form of a new Gestapo chief (Michael Lade) who gradually susses out who the kids are.
The Government advisers, led by broadcaster and vice-chair of the judging panel Sue McGregor (second left), also joined Tim Henman courtside as he practised for the Davis Cup tie against Thailand at Birmingham's National Indoor Arena The other judges were, from left, Hilary Lade and Ruth Wishart with athletes Glen Smith, Ifty Hussein, Jonathan Moore and Nigel Bevan.
D'Arcy Lade, the minister of Comox Valley, was joined in the dedication service by Rev.
The Celebrated Soubrette depicts the sad tale of a cabaret dancer past her prime and is danced to the lush strains of Le Tombeau de Liberace by Michael Daugherty, played with gusto by the London Musici and with Stephen Lade tickling the ivories in the style of the flamboyant candelabra-loving pianist.
Daily round-trip service between Buenos Aires and El Calafate aboard several carriers, including Aerolineas Argentinas, Lapa, Southern Winds and Lade, begins at $352 (tax included), with free stopovers in Trelew, the Welsh-settled community near where right whales annually migrate.
Lade joins Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health, Kalamazoo, Mich., as e-business director.
"Our first step was evacuating the property,, which we had actually practiced a month before the incident during a disaster response rehearsal," says Brian Lade, the mall's vice president and general manager.