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LAIRLetterman Army Institute of Research
LAIRLatino Americans for Immigration Reform
LAIRLandscape Architecture Image Resource (University of Maryland)
LAIRLegal Automation and Internet Review (newsletter)
LAIRLiver and Intestinal Research Centre (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
LAIRLatex Agglutination Inhibition Reaction
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Ye must eat where it lies; And no one may carry away of that meat to his lair, or he dies.
There were many signs of the battle that had been fought, and of the lynx's withdrawal to her lair after having won the victory.
For she knew that in the lynx's lair was a litter of kittens, and she knew the lynx for a fierce, bad-tempered creature and a terrible fighter.
Presently it became apparent that in a short time all the ferocious monsters might be peacefully slumbering, and thus a hazardous opportunity be presented to us to cross through their lair.
We were at last forced to the belief that he would not sleep while the other occupants of the lair slept, and so cast about in our minds for some scheme whereby we might trick him.
"Tarzan goes to his lair by the big water," shouted the ape-man to the apes in the trees.
Taug and Teeka often wished that he was back, and Taug determined a dozen times to go and visit Tarzan in his seaside lair; but first one thing and then another interfered.
Immediately from all about, out of burrows and rough, rocky lairs, poured a perfect torrent of beasts similar to my captors.
First of all, there was no food there of the kind we ate; and next, those rocky hills were filled with the lairs of carnivorous beasts.
Nay, more, in all probability, he does not know that such a power exists to us as can sterilize his lairs, so that he cannot use them as of old.
And so we have this day to hunt out all his lairs and sterilize them.
The Bandar-log have taken him beyond the river to the monkey city--to the Cold Lairs. They may stay there for a night, or ten nights, or an hour.