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It was already Sub Judice by February 6, when Chief Justice Lamer, albeit in another context, uncritically endorsed majority rule as a judicial guidepost.
Lamer notes that when he started, he thought he'd have to buy a filling machine, which start at $20,000 plus change parts, filter housings, fittings, etc.
However, I submit that the sui generis aspect should be shifted from where Lamer CJC originally inserted it in the analysis.
With respect to the positive portion of the award, which required the employer to write a reference letter, Lamer J considered whether it infringed the employer's freedom of expression under the Charter.
While Lamer insisted in Rodriguez that the Court should deal with fraught moral questions like those involved from a so-called legal perspective, he went on to demonstrate in this same case that he, like other judicial activists, has scant regard for established laws and longstanding precedents.
We all want stability," Liz Lamer once commented, "but it's forever slipping away from us, even on the most personal level.
Two sculptures by Los Angeles-based artist Liz Lamer adorn the newly opened Edith O'Donnell Arts and Technology Building at the University of Texas at Dallas.
Wright was arrested after she and a reporter came upon an arrest scene, She approached a police car to film a man being led up to the car in handcuffs, when Officer Lamer Penn, who was in plainclothes, told her to stop filming and wrestled her phone away from her.
It has now been ten years since the first independent review of the National Defence Act was undertaken by the late Right Honourable Antonio Lamer.
Mullins said of Prince De Beauchene: "He won last year and came into the winner's enclosure 100%, but by the time he got back up to the veterinary unit he was lame and he just got lamer and lamer.
Port-Soudan ,11 Fev (SUNA) - Le Conseil supreme de l'education religieuse du ministere de l'Education dans l'Etat de laMer Rouge a evoque lors d'une reunion elargie , presidee par le President du Conseil, le programme de travail pour 2013.
One more stupidity might have been appropriate, since the jokes, especially in the movie parodies, are much lamer than I recall.