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LLLittle League
LLLove Life
LLLow Level
LLLong Lines
LLLand Line (telephone)
LLLower Left
LLLower Level (elevator)
LLLiving Large
LLLessons Learned
LLLowest Level
LLLast Log
LLLandlord (real estate)
LLLittle Link
LLLinked List (programming)
LLLoose Lips
LLLimited Liability
LLLinden Lab (Second Life gaming company; San Francisco, Californa)
LLLate Latin
LLLincoln Laboratory
LLLower Limit
LLLow Limit
LLLesbian Lover
LLLabour Law
LLLight Line
LLLian Li (computer brand)
LLLong Lead
LLLive Load
LLLindsay Lohan (actress)
LLLord Lieutenant (UK)
LLLlandudno (UK postal code)
LLLess Lethal
LLLex Luthor (Superman character)
LLLana Lang (Superman character)
LLLucky Ladies (gambling)
LLLocal Loop
LLLeased Line
LLLuna Lovegood (Harry Potter series)
LLLever Lock (various companies)
LLLow Load
LLLucky Loser (gaming clan)
LLLocal Loopback (RS-449)
LLLow Lead (aviation gas)
LLLoad line (line on the hull of a ship indicating that the ship has reached its maximum permissible cargo load)
LLLandau Level (quantum mechanics)
LLLoad List
LLLloyd's List (daily, London)
LLLicensed Lender
LLLasse Lindh (musician)
LLLimit Load
LLLaterolog (petrophysics)
LLLoad Link (computer programming)
LLLoco Locass (band)
LLLiquid Limit
LLLife Leech (gaming, Diablo 2)
LLLanguageLine (interpreting service)
LLLenticular Lens
LLLoudness Level
LLLeft Limit
LLLebanese Lira (currency)
LLLykes Lines
LLLaunch and Leave
LLLost Load
LLLiberty Lines
LLLeft Linear (grammar parsing)
LLLiquid Learning
LLLibres Y Locos (Monterrey, Mexico)
LLLow Temperature Limit
LLLighting Laboratory
LLLegislative Liaison Office (US Army)
LLLymphoid Leukosis (Avian Leukosis)
LLLockLegion (website)
LLLemmy's Land (Mario fansite)
LLLue Links
LLLatent Lethality
LLLinen Lift
LLLoralai/Luke (fanfiction)
LLLiberty Lines Express, Inc
LLLadle to Ladle Degasing
LLLinguistic Landscaping
LLL-Size X 2 (Double Large)
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Mensah contracted Miami, Florida-based product management services leader Innovation Direct[TM] to represent the Anthony's Convenient Land Line System to potential licensees for a 2 year period.
Did it matter whether the polls sampled only from land lines or if they also included cell phones?
Like the rest of the country, most Montanans have both wireless and land line phone service.
To get a baseline understanding of Americans' phone services, the survey first asked panelists to identify any services -- land line phone, cell phone, or broadband phone -- they use.
expresses concerns about FairPoint Communications Inc.'s cash flow as the Charlotte, N.C.-based phone company attempts to purchase Verizon Communications' land line and broadband operations throughout Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.
That kind of communication - clear and crisp, easy to hear every syllable and phoneme - is still possible but only, it seems, with a good old-fashioned land line. ...
"Customers can use either a land line or cell phone when making calls using the local access numbers," said Morse.
Unfortunately there have been many problems not least with the telephone land line of 0151933 7780.
The docking system enables the transfer of phone calls between a home or land line and mobile phone line.
BANINTER also counts on interactive voice response (IVR) systems for accounts and credit cards, enabling clients to access their accounts from a cell phone or land line.
These products deliver ASCII, binary and image files over HEVHF, UHE satellite and land line connections using Compressed File Transfer (CFTP) and HF mail transport (HMTP) protocols.
VitalLink 1,200 transmits the patient's blood pressure, heart rhythm, blood oxygen levels, temperature and pulse over a land line, mobile or satellite phone.