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LFLow Frequency (30-300 kHz; 10-1km)
LFLooking For
LFLine Feed
LFLebanese Forces
LFLarge Format
LFLead Free (bullet)
LFLittle Fighter (game)
LFLake Forest (Orange County, California)
LFLethal Factor (microbiology)
LFLoad Factor
LFLace Front (wigs)
LFLeft Foot (dance)
LFLife Fitness
LFLogical Framework
LFLeft Front
LFLoaf (street type)
LFLight Front (physics)
LFLife Fellow
LFLeapFrog Enterprises Inc. (stock symbol; Emeryville, CA)
LFLeonel Fernandez (Dominican Republic president)
LFLinux Format (UK magazine)
LFLatex Free (latex allergies)
LFLöschgruppenfahrzeug (German: fire department)
LFLuminosity Function
LFLinear Foot
LFLabor Force (economics)
LFLeft Forward
LFLoanable Fund
LFLive Feed (film)
LFLoi de Finances (French: Finance Law)
LFLeft-Arm Fast (cricket; also seen as LAF)
LFLive Fire
LFLymphatic Filariasis
LFLife Force
LFLiberation Front
LFLife Form
LFLeading Firefighter
LFLong Float (C programming language)
LFLoop Filter
LFLocationFree Player (Sony WiFi base)
LFLove and Friendship
LFLanding Force
LFLove Forever
LFLate Fee
LFLargest Frame
LFLaunch Facility (USAF Minuteman missile)
LFLadle Furnace (metallurgy)
LFLate Finish
LFLilith Fair
LFLight Fantastic (book by Terry Pratchett)
LFLine Fit
LFLight Fine
LFLight Face
LFLine Finder
LFLoud Family (band)
LFLocally Funded
LFLiver Flush
LFLucio Fulci (director)
LFLa Farola (Revista cultural de los Maristas de Alicante y sus alumnos)
LFLegendary Frog (Flash movie maker)
LFFree-Space Loss
LFLoud Fan
LFLissajous Figure
LFLutece Falco
LFLow Forage
LFLedger Folio
LFLogistics Function
LFLeft Field(er) (baseball)
LFLucas Films Ltd.
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The CDA had earmarked Rs100 million for its landfill project for the 2018-19 fiscal year, and sources say formal work to begin setting up a permanent landfill site will start after the land is finalised.
What the project handlers should do in the case of Murang'a complaints is to call a forum, which they should have done at the beginning, and explain the working system of a sanitary landfill and how it will be managed.The move from dumpsites to incineration with power generation in mind and, finally, to engineered landfill to cater for the ash is the way to go.
'The people have been appealing, especially the pickers, hawkers, operators and the smalltime garbage collectors [to keep the landfill open].
Because, despite past decisions that almost always favored the landfill owners, DEP appears to have heard those fed-up residents loud and clear.
Voice of Lebanon radio (100.5) said concrete barriers and chains were blocking traffic from entering the road to the east of Beirut landfill.
The facility would be nearly three times the size of the average Texas landfill, according to a TCEQ report.
" A huge environmental hazard looms over the Capital as the three landfill sites are continuously accumulating garbage beyond their shelf life," the NGO said in its petition.
Instead of concerns only about leaks through the bottom of the dump, the top of the landfill also has prompted questions about its stability, documents obtained by The State newspaper show.
"This latest step from the President's methane strategy builds on our progress to date and takes steps to cut emissions from landfills through common-sense standards."
Conversely a bidder will have to charge the county money to fix leaks at the older landfill. Consequently, Timm was not certain whether the winning bidder will be presenting a check to the county or seeking money, since the full extent of the leak repairs and their cost remains unknown at this time.
Under the Landfill Directive, existing landfills may not continue to operate after 16 July 2009 unless they comply with EU legislation.
The system, which recovers methane generated from landfill sites and converts it into energy, was developed alongside private sector partner Green Energy Solutions & Sustainability at the 3.5km[sup.2] plot that has been used as a municipal waste dump for 22 years.