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LANDNGLanding (Canada Post road designation)
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This will be enhanced to appear as if the pilot were landing in daytime on a typical visual approach.
It is therefore paramount to (1) ensure the education of the coaches and vaulters, (2) comply with the existing rules on pole size, landing mat size, and soft landing zones around the mat, and (3) use common sense when faced with poor weather conditions or dangerous obstructions.
Once it is out of orbit, a shuttle must get to its landing site without engine power.
This was the 49th shuttle landing at Edwards, which was the primary landing site in the shuttles' early years but now is used as a backup because of the $1 million cost of ferrying the shuttle back to Florida for launch.
The landing of aircraft on carriers is one of the most stressful and difficult maneuvers for naval aviators to perform.
Paul Stone became the first pilot from the United Kingdom to complete a vertical landing in the Boeing joint strike fighter X-32B short takeoff/vertical landing (STOVL) aircraft.
Noonan, president, Somerset Holdings and Dominic Sabatini, president, Penn's Landing Corporation.
It was a nice slide landing,'' said Mark Hardyment, the airport's deputy director of operations.
Textron Systems is teamed with Marconi Communications for installation, maintenance, logistics and warranty support of its mobile microwave landing systems.
The left landing gear of the Boeing 737-300 failed to lower all the way, so the Burbank tower diverted Flight 1767 to Ontario, which has longer runways.