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LANDNGLanding (Canada Post road designation)
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In that same month of February, Dawson's Landing gained a new citizen.
But for an unfortunate remark of his, he would no doubt have entered at once upon a successful career at Dawson's Landing.
I can only account for it by assuming that either England was temporarily conquered by the Teutons, or that an invasion of so vast proportions was undertaken that German troops were hurled upon the England coast in huge numbers and that landings were necessarily effected at many places simultaneously.
But when they fly into low-visibility conditions like fog, rain, snow and blowing sand, pilots have difficulty making a safe approach and landing without ground-based navigation aids.
Situation Two: A vaulter bounces or rolls out of the landing mat after landing, striking his head on the ground or an object around the landing mat.
That was the first space shuttle landing - not from orbit, but from the top of a modified Boeing 747 airliner that took the engineless Enterprise to about four miles up and let it go.
The concentrated force of that abrupt landing would have killed her instantly.
Thunderstorms in central Florida caused National Aeronautics and Space Administration officials to wave off two landing attempts earlier Wednesday, just as they had done on Monday and Tuesday.
A unique system for significantly reducing landing risks on board carriers, the technology employed for VISUAL is critical for night operations, during maneuvers in severe weather and at times when radar and radio communications are restricted," said Fred L.
Boeing plans to conduct more short takeoff/vertical landing flights with British Royal Navy and U.
Noonan, president, Somerset Holdings and Dominic Sabatini, president, Penn's Landing Corporation.
It was a nice slide landing,'' said Mark Hardyment, the airport's deputy director of operations.