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At her best Clarke has an uncanny ability to elicit vivid emotional imagery with poetic simplicity, and here she shines: rejected lover Paola Styron, "The Lady with the Lapdog," pathetically slides on her belly toward George de la Pena after he spurns her.
Lapdog is an Instant office that you can tote with your notebook computer.
The judiciary is an independent and equal branch, it is not some sort of congressional lapdog."
But he considers the other successful minimalists Steve Reich and Philip Glass to have abandoned the music's premise for the creation of a collectible artwork, a notated product, rather than "addressing the turbulence of musical listening directly." "As Glass turned to opera, Reich to the art gallery, and Young to the opium den as social models," he opines, "minimal music appeared to have become a right-wing lapdog."
But the outbreak of lapdog journalism during the Persian Gulf War ought to be a warning to reporters to be on guard.
Do you really see yourself as an organizational lapdog? Renewing yourself after 10, 20, or 30 years of work means getting very close to people who could help you improve your standards and redefine your taste.
SINN Fein has said Michael Noonan's decision to support the "obscene" [euro]843,000 pay package of Bank of Ireland CEO Richie Boucher proves the Minister is a lapdog of the banks.
The UK is seen in the wider world as a lapdog of US foreign policy and as a tax-evasion soft touch for multi-national companies who leave honest people to pay the bills.
Sadly the ideological hatred of the public sector and the lapdog subservience of the Liberal Democrats saw the dismantling of the RDA.
Everything since has been running defence for other nations and now we're simply a puppet or lapdog for Uncle Sam and we do his bidding without thought for the good of our own nation or its armed forces.
London, Oct 14 (ANI): Manchester United star Ryan Giggs's ex-lover Natasha has slammed him as a 'tit' and called his long-suffering wife Stacey his "lapdog" on Twitter, after the three were apparently involved in a blazing row on the street
Helmer Claypool, lead singer and guitarist with Primus (when not slumming with his Flying Frog Brigade jam band), reserves the most thoroughly obnoxious role for himself as pretentious, opinionated egotist Lapland "Lapdog" Miclovich, Electric Apricot's talent-less drummer.