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LAPTOPLightweight Analytical Platform Total Optimized Power
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The list below will kick off Cyber Monday Laptop Deals 2015.
The company offers five software programs, including the CyberAngel Security program and Laptop Locks.
The incident followed the theft two months ago of a laptop containing personal information on county employees from the home of a community and senior services employee.
Other companies have a system that can track if a laptop is stolen or lost and even remotely eliminate sensitive information on the laptop.
Speaking about their repair service the company spokesperson said, "There is no need to get a new laptop immediately if you have broken the screen.
With regard to private or sensitive information, the best--and obvious--solution is not loading it on a laptop unless absolutely necessary to perform the work.
Microsoft is urging laptop and desktop makers to add power-efficient flash memory drives to store often-used programs.
The price of a laptop will vary depending on your hardware needs.
In the group of companies with laptop users, the survey also found 57% of companies ask laptop users to manually upload their data onto company servers; with only 29% of companies using software to automatically backup laptop-based files to the corporate network.
LindowsOS Laptop Edition is the first Linux operating system to offer support for Centrino laptops.
Today represents an important milestone in the evolution of the One Laptop per Child project," said Nicholas Negroponte, founder and chairman of One Laptop per Child.
Group's new laptop tracking software, users can remotely enable and disable laptop tracking functions.