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LASELahore School of Economics (Pakistan)
LASELidar Atmospheric Sensing Experiment (NASA)
LASElimited area search engine
LASELaser Applications in Science and Engineering
LASELouisiana Association of School Executives
LASELogistics Asset Support Estimate
LASELarge Aperture Speckle Experiment
LASELAMPS Shipboard Element
LASELittleton Association of School Executives
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Carpenter continued to operate Lase Med through December 2012, according to federal prosecutors.
In simple linear regression analyses, LVM was significant and positively related to LAsE category > 620 [micro]g/L-year (6.
The LASE after free shrinkage stays fairly constant unless the cord experienced too low a net stretch (figure 5).
A boiling point was reached last fall when Lase Med ran a full-page ad in the Race for the Cure insert in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, the fallout of which persuaded the firm to pull up roots and move west, according to a Lase Med employee and member of its board of directors.
The first trial assessed the ability to increase in-tire LASE for a given material merely by using higher treating stretches.
Lase Med does not address the issue of toxicity; and
The new VCSEL lases bright red light at wavelengths of 639 to 661 nanometers.