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LASELahore School of Economics (Pakistan)
LASELidar Atmospheric Sensing Experiment (NASA)
LASElimited area search engine
LASELaser Applications in Science and Engineering
LASELouisiana Association of School Executives
LASELogistics Asset Support Estimate
LASELarge Aperture Speckle Experiment
LASELAMPS Shipboard Element
LASELittleton Association of School Executives
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Carpenter continued to operate Lase Med through December 2012, according to federal prosecutors.
Based on a linear multivariable regression model adjusted for age (> 5 or [less than or equal to] 5 years), sex, and BMI (continuous), and urine N[O.sub.x] (as significant predictor), SBP was positively and significantly associated with U-tAs (0.021 mmHg increase per 1 ng/mL; 95% CI: 0.004, 0.037; p = 0.015) but not with LAsE (Table 3).
When compared at similar shrinkage, 1X40 DSP fiber has 50% higher LASE than 1W70 but still has lower LASE than dry rayon.
Inta Lase said purpose of the media monitoring of EU is to see how guidelines are practiced by the media outlets.
Lase Med says it tried to work with UAMS on the concept but was harassed by members of the Arkansas medical community when it wouldn't "hand over" its research.
SUPERSTAR: Uncle Paul; RISING STARS: Emma, second from right, with fellow Lase members Ashley, Susan and Laura in the recording studio
Since cords in tire sidewalls are more likely to experience a constant stress or energy deformation, the fatigue data in table 3 may best indicate the inherent difference in fatigue resistance, since they were obtained using cords with similar LASE values.
* Lase Med's procedure is different because it uses a different wavelength and nanotubes with a lesser degree of purity;
By pumping light from another laser into the wire, the researchers made the silicon lase at infrared wavelengths.
Zulu novelist, scholar, and editor for the South African publications Ilanga lase Natal("The Natal Sun," Durban), Bantu World (Johannesburg), and Inkundla ya Bantu ("Bantu Forum," Verulam).
Nkosi worked as a journalist, first in 1955 for the Zulu-English weekly paper Ilanga lase Natal ("Natal Sun") and then for Drum magazine, and as chief reporter for its Sunday newspaper, the Golden City Post, from 1956 to 1960.