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`Poor lassie! it was a bad business, a bad business;' then he quietly took the rein and led me to the stable; just at the door stood Samson.
And the lads and lassies were dancing, and there was no one to save me from my fate.
The tipsy antics of the lads had led a majority of the soberer-minded lassies to compel a departure.
Even the lads and lassies giggled and snickered over their part in the affair, narrating with gusto how Larry had jumped on my chest and slept under the bridge, how So-and-So had slept out in the sandhills that night, and what had happened to the other lad who fell in the ditch.
"How now!" quoth Robin, when he beheld his sorry countenance, "are you not he whom I heard no longer ago than yesternight caroling so blithely about 'a lassie back i' the town'?"
Order your bit dinner lassie. Husband or no husband, ye've got a stomach, and ye must een eat.
old screen, and did the lads and the lassies go making love fifty years ago just as they do now?
The lassies were pretty and agreeable; the bailie's wife was one of the best creatures that ever lived; and my uncle was in thoroughly good cue.
Mr Hunt responded saying Lassie was one of his "favourite childhood films", adding: "Lassie of course in that story was given to a member of the aristocracy, in fact the Duke of Rudling, but Lassie wasn't happy and she broke free without any kind of referendum and she came home, there is a lesson for all of us."
He also appeared in the 1959 movie A Dog of Flanders and the Lassie TV series.
VVDRAW for Friday's semi-finals, first: 1 Jimbobjoe, 2 Milldean Puma, 3 Airmount Tess, 4 Ardrahan Zindi, 5 Beaming Coyote, 6 Priceless Lassie. Second: 1 Jo Jo Fantasy, 2 War Lord, 3 Fionntra Gavin, 4 Tyrap Dragi, 5 Ascot Becky, 6 Fizzypop Buddy (m).
Lassie took over the eyrie when her predecessor, Lady, failed to return from Africa.