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LATELocal Average Treatment Effect
LATELinking Aspect Technology and Evolution (Charlottesville, VA)
LATELocal Authority Trading Enterprise (New Zealand)
LATELabour Against the Euro (Labour Party; UK)
LATELatin American Theatre Ensemble
LATELiaos Antes de the End (Spanish X-Files group)
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On the 10th, the term for which the late Lord Montbarry had hired the Venetian palace, expired.
"Too late, too late!" she said, waving her hand in the impatience of a person whose tortures cause every instant to seem an hour.
Ferrars can have the smallest satisfaction in knowing that her son has money enough to live upon,--for THAT must be quite out of the question; yet why, upon her late behaviour, is she supposed to feel at all?--She has done with her son, she cast him off for ever, and has made all those over whom she had any influence, cast him off likewise.
"You've no business to sit up so late," replied the Steward, gruffly.
"No; I have found when she is absent this long, she is liable not to come back till late." She drew on her gloves, and Robert picked up his hat.
'It is never too late,' said Rose, 'for penitence and atonement.'
And there came before him the vision of a certain "little lady," about whom he had been thinking deeply of late.
When we got to the town of course I had a good bait, but as the master's business engaged him a long time we did not start for home till rather late in the afternoon.
The following night he returned home from work at rather a late hour in the evening.
One day in late September Owen Ford's book came at last.
But the talk, or scandal, to which we now allude, had reference to matters of no less old a date than the supposed murder, thirty or forty years ago, of the late Judge Pyncheon's uncle.
Late that evening, I was surprised at my lodgings by a visit from Mr.