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LATSLos Angeles Times Syndicate
LATSLos Alamitos (63rd RRC, Los Alamitos Reserve Base)
LATSLWIR Advanced Technology Seeker
LATSLow Altitude Threat Simulator (aerospace)
LATSLoop Access Test System (Hekimian)
LATSLarge Aperture Tracking System
LATSLDEF Assembly and Transport System
LATSLong Arm Thumb Spica (cast immobilizing thumb, wrist, and elbow)
LATSLDEF (Long Duration Exposure Facility) Assembly and Transportation System (US NASA)
LATSLangley Research Center Telecommunications System (NASA)
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At the end of June, 341.4 million lats coins weighing 783 tons still had not been exchanged for euros.
The second and final section of the book has 50 LATs. Each LAT includes examples from different academic disciplines, lists the amount of time involved, the steps to implement, a consideration for use in an online course, a description of how to report to external audiences, and variations.
Potential licensees in the fitness products industry are currently being targeted as candidates to eventually commercialize the Universal Lats on a worldwide basis.
The amount of euro cash in circulation exceeded the amount of circulating lats cash (value in euro) on 10 January.
"We hope that the irrevocable fixing of the lat's conversion rate at this level will increase the support to the euro changeover in Latvia in the coming months (currently close to 40%)," the statement concluded.
The researchers found that around a third of LATs live apart because they feel they are not yet ready to live together (although many of these hope to do so in the future).
In 2008 Kekava posted a turnover of 23.938 million lats, selling 16,500 tons of production, and was 887,800 lats in the red.
More investigation is needed into whether many LATs are older couples who are cautious about living together or fear jeopardising their independence.
parent acquired LATS parent Times Mirror in March -- will add nine staffers in Chicago over the next few months, during which time it will also decide which LATS features to keep.
* Lat pulldown, 8-12 reps, followed immediately by:
TABLE 1 Annual Interest Rates for One-Year Deposits (10/93) Bank Name Rank in Size Interest Rate Interest Rate (1/94) Deposit in Lats Deposit in $ Baltija 1 90% 18% Komercbank 4 50% 12% Parex 5 12% 12% Deutch-Lettish 9 35% 35% Sakaru 17 40% 32% Latin Trade 19 72% 48% Source: Diena, October, 1993
While winter traditionally is a time of year when LATs are not based in Australia, in recent years there has been a growing need for this type of aircraft year-round.