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LATSLWIR Advanced Technology Seeker
LATSLow Altitude Threat Simulator (aerospace)
LATSLoop Access Test System (Hekimian)
LATSLarge Aperture Tracking System
LATSLDEF Assembly and Transport System
LATSLong Arm Thumb Spica (cast immobilizing thumb, wrist, and elbow)
LATSLangley Research Center Telecommunications System (NASA)
LATSLos Alamitos (63rd RRC, Los Alamitos Reserve Base)
LATSLos Angeles Times Syndicate
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Additionally, LG's LATS CAD 2 automatically measures pipe segments and calculates refrigerant charge, whereas preceding design software required engineers to manually measure and type pipe lengths by hand -- a long and tedious job.
Saint Juste contracted Miami, Florida-based product management services leader Innovation Direct[TM] to represent the Universal Lats to potential licensees for a 2 year period.
Lats banknotes and coins can be exchanged at the official conversion rate (1 EUR = 0.
Although the majority of LATs are under 35, 11 per cent are 55 or over, with 19 per cent of LATs having relationships which have lasted six years or more and 41 per cent three years or more.
A properly run LAT will pay for itself year-after-year by assuring that:
As one observer notes, "Baltija was successful in getting all the lats out of the socks and mattresses of the small depositors.
The LAT will be created as part of Pennsylvania's Forest Lands Beautification Program, a five-year effort to clean up more than 200 illegal dump sites in state forest and park lands.
A lat pulldown, for example, will involve both the shoulder and elbow joints.
The Saeima plenary gave its go-ahead for the Finance Ministry's proposal to increase equity at Hipoteku un Zemes banka, by 25 million lats, by a vote of 53 deputies 'for,' and 38 'against,' reports LETA.
For more information on the Delaware State Forest LAT, interested individuals and groups should contact the Pennsylvania Environmental Council at (717) 230-8044 or the Forest Lands Beautification Program toll-free at 1-877-7PA-FOREST (1-877-772-3673).
While performing most pulling movements (lat pulldown, seated row, pullup), the post delt assists the biceps, rhomboids, and lats.
WNI was selected by LATS because their state-of-the-art proprietary newspaper production process generates extraordinary graphics with accurate weather forecasts for over 6,000 cities worldwide.