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LATSLos Angeles Times Syndicate
LATSLos Alamitos (63rd RRC, Los Alamitos Reserve Base)
LATSLWIR Advanced Technology Seeker
LATSLow Altitude Threat Simulator (aerospace)
LATSLoop Access Test System (Hekimian)
LATSLarge Aperture Tracking System
LATSLDEF Assembly and Transport System
LATSLong Arm Thumb Spica (cast immobilizing thumb, wrist, and elbow)
LATSLDEF (Long Duration Exposure Facility) Assembly and Transportation System (US NASA)
LATSLangley Research Center Telecommunications System (NASA)
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The authors use Fink's (2013) significant learning taxonomy to organize the 50 LATs, but it does not provide readers with practical insight.
Potential licensees in the fitness products industry are currently being targeted as candidates to eventually commercialize the Universal Lats on a worldwide basis.
The amount of euro cash in circulation exceeded the amount of circulating lats cash (value in euro) on 10 January.
The researchers found that around a third of LATs live apart because they feel they are not yet ready to live together (although many of these hope to do so in the future).
A quality LAT also serves as a quality assurance check against the company's legal management policies and can serve to identify new areas of opportunities in the efficient delivery of legal services.
Overhand lat pulldow (3 sets): 10-12 reps, 8-10 reps, 6-8 reps (90 sec.
As one observer notes, "Baltija was successful in getting all the lats out of the socks and mattresses of the small depositors.
The Finance Ministry has proposed reducing the personal income tax rate to 21 percent and raising the monthly non-taxable minimum and tax deductions for dependants to 90 lats (128.
The other, headed by LATS President/CEO Jesse Levine, will concentrate on international syndication.
The lats can be effectively isolated with a barbell or dumbbell pullover, then followed up immediately with a multi-joint exercise such as a chin, pull-up, seated row, bent-over row, or lat pulldown.
The state-owned company Latvijas Valsts Mezi (Latvian State Forests, LVM) posted 214 million lats (305.
owned Tribune Media Services syndicate, said the makeup of TMS and LATS will probably be determined within six months.