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LLow (transmissions)
L50 (Roman numeral)
LLinks (German: left)
LLimited Time (broadcasting operating schedules)
LLarge (size)
LLow Risk
LLimited (Catholic movie rating)
LLight (Infantry)
LLimited Distribution
LLaser (US military aircraft basic mission designation)
LLicense (Microsoft)
LLeipzig (auto license plate)
LCentral Ontario (postal code designation, Canada)
LLegal Affairs
LLei (Law)
LLap (welded joint type)
LLire (Italian currency)
LLuxembourg (ISO Country Identifier)
LLoop (train transportation system)
LFederal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (designates original point of circulation of a dollar bill)
LLiverpool (postcode, United Kingdom)
LLatency (network communications)
LLockheed (as in L-1011)
LLibertarian (political party)
LLibra (Latin: Pound)
LLiberty Media Corporation (stock symbol)
LLeader Program
LCold Weather (US military aircraft modified mission symbol)
LPolymerase (virus protein identifier)
LLigand (chemistry)
LLogarithmic (complexity theory)
LLeucine (amino acid)
LLongacre (designer of Indian Head penny; mint mark)
LLinesman (high school football; similar to head linesman)
LLumbar Vertebra (prefix, as in L-1, L-2)
LLength of leg
LLevorotary (optical rotation)
LAzimuthal Quantum Number (used in formulae in quantum physics)
L$100 Cigar
LLord or Baron (British title of nobility)
LUS DoT tire speed rating (75 mph)
LLaser Research and Technology Division (LANL)
LLength of side or any unspecified length
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In the second kiosk, 24 metal cylinders, 470 unused ampoules of laughing gas and 266 balloons were found.
So yoga I'd heard of, but laughing yoga was a completely new thing to me and as I got to the Community Hall I felt slightly nervous.
Looking to fulfill the demand for healthy, locally sourced, and affordable food that comes in a variety of vegetarian, vegan, and meat-based options, Laughing Planet has selected the more distant expansion cities of Bend and Reno for a number of reasons, including detailed research in both areas, as well as the core constituency that tends to favor the restaurant's approach to food.
"According to TBS, you take in six times more oxygen laughing than you do breathing deeply," Regetti added.
We adults need to take a cue from children and start laughing a lot more.
They can quickly get a room full of people laughing and don't have to tell a single joke.
To this Justice Bobade said, "Others might not get disturbed but the petitioner is getting disturbed as they are laughing right under his house.
It draws also from the ancient wisdom that laughing - your head off, until the tears stream down, laughing to make your heart glad, your belly jiggle, and until others just have to join in - is very good for you.
"He began to form groups and integrated exercises and breathing with laughing to make the laughter yoga we have now."
The laughing gull (Larus atricilla) is widely distributed in North America, and populations in the northeastern United States have increased during recent decades (Belant and Dolbeer, 1993; Sauer et al., 9008).